Month: May 2010

Audi S7 Spy Shots

WorldCarFans photographers were lucky enough to spot a prototype Audi S7 out in the wild near the Nurburgring test track in Germany. What we can deduce from the photos is fairly typical of what we’d expect – a quad-pipe exhaust, sexy S-type wheels with big brakes, a retractable rear spoiler, and what will surely be a slightly modified, more aggressive appearance. The expected powertrain, although we’ve been wrong about this before, is a 440+ hp, 4.2-liter V8. Make sure to check out WCF for more details and...

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Audi Unveils the R8 GT

Oh man, have you ever seen such a specimen of mechanical beauty? “What, the R8?” you say? Not just an R8 my friend…this is the Audi R8 GT. Hot on the heels of our report that Audi is creating a lightweight, faster R8 (the R8 GT3 we thought,) Audi proves us right. As any car enthusiast knows, the “GT” moniker denotes something special. Something just a step above your standard model. A high-performance version of your favorite car, and the R8 GT delivers. Not only did Audi manage to shave a significant 220 lbs of the factory R8 V10, but they added an extra 35 horsepower out of the 5.2-liter V10 engine. So, how did they drop the weight you ask? Well, they used polycarbonate for the rear hatch window, a lighter windshield, thinner sheet metal, a fixed rear wing, various cutouts on the front luggage hatch, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the rear hatch, rear bumper, and side blades, along with lightening the brake system, putting in a lighter battery, a new air intake system, lighter carpeting, and lighter seats. Whew! They really went the extra mile here, huh? Too bad they kept a bunch of useless luxury stuff like automatic climate control, power windows, navigation, and MMI. Power windows I understand, but I certainly wouldn’t want navigation and auto climate control in what’s supposed to be a...

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