The 2015 Audi S8 is a new version of the Audi’s Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. It is user-friendly and shares its voluptuous sheet metal with the standard V8-engined model. Below are the great details about this model.

Car general overview

Audi S8 will be one of the most appealing supercars available in market. This is due to a mix of surprising practicality, dynamics and double-take-inducing great looks. This model takes the exotic appearance as well as the mid-engine proportions of the V8 type with large side air intakes, upsized wheels and side sills. It is an all-wheel-drive car with a mid-engine supercar which shares a numerous and platform of other mechanical components with Lamborghini Gallardo.

The cabin of this model fully matches the visual drama in details like a flat-bottomed steering wheel, high quality materials and a sweeping trim. Buyers who want a more luxurious car can select the type they want from a list. The car has plenty space for the passengers and driver. Its front trunk measure 3.5 cubic feet and Audi claims that it is possible to fit pair of golf bags behind the seats. However, this is only applicable for shorter drivers and it may not work for the taller drivers. Entertainment and navigation functions can be accessed through the Audi’s system. It also has a special blue paint job, carbon-fiber reinforced plastic components, leather-wrapped cockpit and new wheels. It is also fitted with Audi’s laser light technology. Lastly, this model has a full design specification of modern safety suite. This includes knee airbags, dual-stage airbags, stability control, thorax and head airbags and a rearview camera.

The model has a new single-frame grille with beveled upper corners that are painted in high-gloss black. Its new bumper has air inlets and each bears three crossbars and a matte black vent louvers. All models are offered with LED headlights and each customer will receive a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). It also features an aluminum body weighing 462.97 lbs. This makes its total weight to be 3439.21 lbs.

Engine description

Its engine is like that of Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari, but it has been fitted with a version of V8 and V10. The engine also has power hikes of about 25bhp. All engines of this model have a stop-start technology and cylinder deactivation. This engine uses less fuel by 10 %.


2015 Audi S8 is also an automobile of different body styles which can covert from open-air to a provisionally enclosed mode. It has a cabrio or semi-convertible coach which is similar to convertible. Its top can be removed or retracted and has fully framed windows on the side doors. Its roof is made of rigid or soft materials such as canvas, vinyl or other textile materials. The roof of this car can be operated either automatically or manually through electrical or hydraulic actuators.

Pros and cons of the car

First it is a very luxurious and well-performing car that everyone would like to drive in. The other pro is that it has great features which many other cars do not have. However, its con is that taller drivers many not be very comfortable with it.


The 2015 Audi S8 is a luxury and very performing car with a score of 4.4 out of 5. It has the above features among many others. You can plan to buy one and surely you will like it.

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