Audi Quattro Concept

The Audi Quattro Concept car was recently revealed at the Paris Motor Show and here are some of the digs to this sweet looking ride. This practical sports car pumps out over 408 hp with a five cylinder, turbocharged engine. With a lightweight body to match and a fantastic interior, one could not help but notice it.

Overall, the design of the Quattro Concept is very aggressive, it looks fast and it is fast. Everything about the design is made to be noticed that at the same time show the potential that this vehicle has. A quick example is the air outlet just on the right of the hood and functional intakes on the corners of the front bumper.

Taking a look at the interior shows that it is just as well done as the exterior, it is clean cut and without clutter on the dash. This concept car has real racing bucket seats and all of the instrument gauges are entirely digital. There is not any flamboyancy; the interior design is straight to the point, very slick and very smooth.

The MMI not only allows the driver to choose between daily driver and race modes but it also gives one the option to plug in a cell phone and play music or put the phone’s data on screen. There is a web radio that one can customize and the gps has its own neat feature. When the driver sets the Quattro into race mode the gps will announce turns in a likeness to a rally operator and that gives the driver a cool race feeling.

Over all the new, Audi Concept puts out in power, looks and style. The interior is a great match to the exterior, everything fitting just so without all the clutter. The Quattro is made to look fast, aggressive and sleek because it is just that.

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