Audi R8 GT

What is the newly redesigned Audi R8 GT? It is a dream machine hugging the road like a lover and almost anticipating driver demands. This speed demon tops out at 320 km/h (198.84 mph) and still maintains a fuel economy of 16.92 US mpg. Drivers have a tough time deciding which of these is the most impressive: the racecar handling, the distinctive sexy new look and or the driver pampering accessories. This is the dazzling younger offspring of the R8 all grown up and showing off.

Re-engineering the whole car from bumper-to-bumper and top to bottom gives automobile connoisseurs the opportunity for a brand-new driving experience in this limited edition sports car. By reducing the weight by 100 kg and increasing the impressive 5.2 L V10 to 560 hp, this car moves. It reaches 200 km/h (124.27 mph) in just 10.8 seconds. Serious dragsters can order the special racing package. With 8000 RPMs, the commanding engine has a distinguishing sound with a powerful bass undertone and sharp overtones; there is no mistaking what is hidden under that hood.

The R8 GT comes in four easy to recognize colors: Metallic Samoa Orange or Ice Silver, Phantom Black with a special pearl effect and Suzuka Gray. Combined with the unique continuous bar of headlights and exclusive styling other drivers will notice this Phantom of the Roadway coming, passing and going. Drivers and passengers are wrapped in luxurious imitation sharkskin and other lush materials in shades of black and dark gray. The latest and greatest accessories of the R8 GT make the driver’s life easy with a parking system, navigation system and top-of-the-line surround sound.

There is only one question any dedicated driver needs to ask: “What color should I get?” The Audi R8 GT is an once-in-a-lifetime driving opportunity to good to be missed.