There is no doubting the fact that Audi has always come out with cars that are high on style and glamour. Critics have been harsher when it comes to the performance of these vehicles, but the 2015 Audi Q7 will definitely put all these doubts to rest.

The first thing that will strike you about this SUV is its massive bulk. It is over 5 meters in length, and about 2 in width. This seven-seater is perfect for those looking to buy a new car that can accommodate a larger family. The seven-seater SUV segment has become hot property these days and so it was inevitable for Audi to come up with some new innovations in order to maintain its foothold.

What’s new for the 2015 Audi Q7?

There are quite a few features that have been re-arranged with the 2015 edition. A new Off Road Style Plus package gives the car a wild, off- road SUV look. The Sporty Style Plus package enhances its driving and performance characteristics.

Luxury and Performance

Audi interiors are always something special but the Q7 takes it to another level. The walnut wood and dark leather complement each other to give a royal ambiance inside the vehicle. The chrome and metal parts have also been added in a very sensible manner, looking classy without being ostentatious. There is also ample space in the first and second rows of the vehicle. Only the third row is a little cramped and there isn’t much cargo space either. But the foldable second and third row ensure that you will be able to generate extra space, if necessary.

The front grill is also classic Audi and the design gives the car an aggressive and authoritative look.

The Quattro all wheel drive makes driving this vehicle an amazing experience. Steering is highly responsive and the solid chassis will make you feel completely safe inside. Though the speeds and acceleration are decent, the truth is that the bulk of the vehicle makes it a little difficult to get the sporty handling that you could expect form a Q5 or A7. All in all, it is a luxurious and powerful vehicle.

Competition for the 2015 Audi Q7

There was a time when the seven-seater SUV market was solely the playground of the Q7. This is no longer the case with the Mercedes Benz GL and BMW X5 being other notable competitors. The Land Rover Discovery also offers the same amount of space and performance. Then there is the new Range Rover Sport where the seven-seat concept has been introduced.

Our Rating

The Q7 is great new vehicle that packs power, class and performance. Fuel efficiency could be a problem though and there is a bit of a lack of space at the back. In any case we would give this vehicle a good 9.2/10.


  1. Elegant exterior and interior
  2. Easy to handle and control
  3. Seating for the whole family
  4. Great safety record


  1. Disappointing cargo space
  2. Fuel economy could have been better

Final Verdict

A quiet, comfortable and spacious car, the 2015 Audi Q7 is a great buy for the conservative family driver. You will not exactly be burning the roads with this, but that this not what this massive car was meant for anyways. However, it would be good to consider other options in this class before deciding on the Q7.

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