What’s new for 2015 model?

With 2015 A3 the company continues its strong presence in compact executive car segment. The car is built on already well known Volkswagen Group MQB platform. Therefore it shares its chassis with Golf, Passat, Leon and few other vehicles from Volkswagen Group. 2015 Audi A3 will serve as entry level model of the company but that doesn’t mean that your options will be limited. Quite the contrary, Audi A3 is offering a lot of options for the buyers. For American market for now that means completely new sedan version and convertible. But don’t worry, next year sportback version with five doors will make appearance as well.

Luxury & Performance

Audi never had any problems with delivering superb levels of luxury in the cabin and the brand new A3 isn’t exception either. Interior design is definitely sleek and modern, which is clear indication that Audi aims to please younger clientele. Introduction of new Audi Multi Media Interface controller with LCD screen that rises from the dashboard adds futuristic touch to interior design. There are no unnecessary buttons and everything is built around idea that car should be user friendly in every possible way. Seats are very comfortable even if you’re taking longer trips. The great addition is the optional Bang & Olufsen Sound System. As for engines, buyers at the moment can choose between three different options. Two of them are known 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI petrol engines and the third is 2.0 TDI diesel engine. For those seeking more power and sporty performance there is Audi S3 with its 2.0 TFSI engine that delivers 292 horse powers. Previously mentioned Cabriolet version comes only with petrol engines, without TDI engine option at the moment.


Users and experts generally agree, the new 2015 Audi A3 is fine car. It’s not cheap version of larger models and it’s not car that simply has Audi badge on it. It is indeed full blooded Audi with everything his bigger brothers can offer. It’s simply considered smaller package. We’ve seen very few complaints and almost everyone is saying that considering the price, the car is offering a lot. Biggest pros buyers are listing are driveability, excellent engines and excellent handling. However like all cars it has downsides as well, and people are usually not satisfied with the size of the trunk and cramped backseats. But considering the size of a car, that isn’t something we could say is unexpected. On scale between 1 to 5, car would surely score solid 4 and if we use scale between 1 to 10, the car would comfortably go well above 8/10.


We can only say that Audi made excellent vehicle. It looks great, it drives great it offers a lot of equipment for reasonable price. It’s by all means executive car. However it’s not dull or boring, it’s executive car for new generation of drivers that are expecting nimble and agile vehicle, one that is reliable but at the same time fun to drive. Somehow Audi succeeded in delivering exactly that. And knowing come next summer you’ll be able to choose between Cabriolet, Sedan and Sportback, options seem endless. We’re saying, new A3 is excellent choice.

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