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Audi A1 is Now Available!

Starting tomorrow, the all-new Audi A1 will be available in Germany for a test drive. Audi is also sending the cars to most other European countries, so if you’re in Europe, expect the car to be sitting on German showrooms...

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Audi A1 Gets a Wasabi Green Interior

Wasabi Green isn’t the first color that pops into my mind when thinking of what color I’d like my new interior, but Audi is offering it as an option in the new A1. They promise it won’t be over-the-top,...

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Audi A1 Remains a Secret

Although we saw a few Audi A1 spy shots back in October, we haven’t heard much about the upcoming A1 subcompact since then. Audi just came out saying something along the lines of “we’re not telling you anything...

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First Spy Shots of the Audi A1

We’ve been hearing about the compact Audi A1 for a while, and now we have our first official spy shots of the small hatchback. The A1 will be a likely competitor to the Mini Cooper, and as you can see from the photos taken...

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