Sportec Audi TT RS

Sportec Audi TT RS

What’s a tuning company to do when manufacturers such as Audi take their high performance sports cars – in this case the Audi TT – and make it better? The Audi TTS is Audi’s tuned version of the TT. Think that was enough? Of course not! Audi then came out with the TT RS – a turbocharged 340 hp version of the sports car. This is normally tuning company territory.

Sportec decided to take it a step further with their Performance Stage 1 kit. The Sportec TT RS creates 400 hp – a 60 hp increase, and a feat achieved only by tuning the car’s ECU. A 4.2 second 0-62 mph time is a 0.4 second decrease from stock, and a significant difference for only tuning the ECU.


The $1,963 price tag is high for an ECU tune, but not bad for a 65 hp jump. Like the TT RS itself (unless we’re right,) the tuning package will only be available in Europe. Let’s hope Stage 2 and subsequent packages will include more modifications such as an intake, exhaust, and body kit.

source: Sportec via Luxvelocity