Audi R8

Audi R8

The Audi R8 is currently the best reviewed coupe on, a car review aggregation website, with an overall average of 91. Actually it’s tied with the Nissan GT-R, also an excellent vehicle, but they have the R8 listed as #1.

Of course this doesn’t come as a surprise – the R8 has won multiple awards from all sorts of automotive media:

  • 2007 Car Of The Year – Top Gear
  • 2008 Automobile of the Year – Automobile Magazine
  • Best Fast Car and Car of the Year 2007 – Fifth Gear
  • 2008 Car of the Year – MSN
  • Best Handling Car and Fastest Car In The World of 2007 – Autocar Magazine
  • Sportscar of the year – Autobild
  • 2008 Car of the Year – Playboy
  • 2008 Canadian Car of the Year, Best Prestige Car, and Most Coveted Car of 2008 – AJAC
  • 2008 World Performance Car of the Year and World Design Car of the Year – WCOTY
  • Car of the Year – European Car
  • Classic Car of the Future 2009 – Motor Klassik
  • 2008 Car of the Year – Robb Report

And there are more…wow. If you’ve driven one, which every gearhead should, you’ll understand why it’s won so many awards. It even had Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear saying that he wishes he could trade in his Lamborghini Gallardo for the R8.

The R8, powered by a fantastic 4.2-liter 420 horsepower V8, will soon be joined by a 525 hp V10 version, as well as a controversial drop-top convertible version, which in my opinion should have never even been considered.

Congrats again to Audi for making such a wonderful car.