Exo-Audi Concept

Exo-Audi Concept

As a driving enthusiast, I love the driver-vehicle connection. To me, there is no better pleasure (ok, almost no better pleasure) than driving down a smooth, curvy road at 20 mph over the posted limit in a proper sports car. The feeling of being one with the car that only a good manual transmission can give you. The feeling that you aren’t driving the car, rather you and the car are working together as a team to propel you down the road.

The new Exo-Audi Concept is an extreme example of this driver-vehicle connection – maybe even a little creepy…


The Exo-Audi has no engine. Instead, it’s powered by the driver’s kinetic energy (movement.) “Taking advantage of the exoskeleton and nanotechnology evolution, we can create a potential energy source and produce a new generation of human powered vehicles: faster and stronger.”

I’m not exactly sure what that means, and I’m no scientist, but I do know that energy cannot be created or destroyed – only transferred and converted. This means that it would take an immense amount of effort for a vehicle powered solely by a human to travel at high speeds. Think of riding a bicycle – they’re small, light, and have few parts. They’re also powered solely by our own movement. I don’t know about you, but I get tired after riding a bike any sort of distance, and it’s most definitely not at highway speeds.

Obviously they had something more complex than that in mind, given the comment on evolving nanotechnology, but my point remains the same in that we as humans only have so much energy to use at any given point, and to create any more would require an external power source. I’d be interested in hearing more details on this concept.


source: Yanko Design