PES Tuning G4 Supercharged

Can’t wait for the R8 5.2 V10? No problem, PES Tuning has your back. This tuning company has developed a supercharger system for the R8 4.2 to boost the power to an estimated 530 hp (110 over stock) and 415 ft/lbs torque (98 over stock.) While this may not exactly replace the R8 V10, at least it will create more power from the V8 version of the car.

The supercharger kit uses an Eaton M90 supercharger, a specialty-made intake manifold, and retuned ECU. It actually works on any of the 4.2-liter V8 Audi or VW engines, but the R8 is definitely the most exciting. So while we may be drooling over the upgraded R8, you S4 owners can be grinning smugly as you upgrade your car to the same 530 horsepower. Oh, and those power numbers are based on the $25,000 upgrade available. There are cheaper supercharger upgrades available as well, but seriously…who’s interested in that?

The video below shows the PES team driving the tuned Audi R8 around the streets. Pay special attention to how this things sounds. Personally, I like the low growl of the V8, but the addition of the supercharger certain adds a unique note to the mix. More pictures below the video: