Audi Driving Experience

I have driven a lot of cars in my day. Each of them had certain things I liked about them, but I couldn’t find the perfect fit until recently. A friend of mine let me drive their Audi and I instantly fell in love. I went out and bought my own Audi the next day and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now I drive an Audi and here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Great Value

Audis are great value compared to other cars. When I decided I needed a new car, I wanted one that was affordable. An Audi easily fit into my price range. I did look at several other cars and after a lot of research, I found that I would get more for my money by buying an Audi. The value doesn’t stop with the purchase price either. Audis are great on gas, which saves me money even with my long daily commute. I drive an Audi because it is economical as well as being good value in the long term.

2. Dependability

Some say that modern cars aren’t plagued as much by faults and breakdowns as the typical car of 20 years ago. Some of you would doubtless disagree with that, and I’m one of them. Finding a car that wouldn’t leave me stranded was important. I don’t have time in my life to deal with a car that breaks down all the time. Besides the time wasted in the mechanic’s garage, have you ever tried spending a couple of hours in a garage while your car is fixed? I have, and I can tell you that it’s boring, grotty, possibly internet-less and a guaranteed waste of time. Audis are known for their dependability and I knew that by buying one, I could count on getting where I needed to go, when I wanted to.

3. Comfort

Who wants to drive a car and feel uncomfortable in it? When I am driving my Audi, I feel like I am in a space that have been designed with the user first and foremost in mind. Between the soft seats, easy access features and state of the art climate controls, I don’t mind long drives any more and often look forward to them. Not only that, but because it drives so smoothly, I can travel in comfort even on the roughest roads. I’m not so sure you could say that about something like a Volkswagen Polo!

4. Sleek Design

Looks were one of the biggest factors for me when it came to choosing a car. I wanted something that looked modern without being over the top, and an Audi was it for me. My Audi looks good and people are always complimenting me on it. Now I know that there has been some criticism of the common Audi look and feel. To me, that is actually an attractive feature. I like the consistency in design style between the smallest / cheapest car in their range and the most expensive. Although things are going to change under the AQR redesign, I seriously don’t think there’s any chance Audis will look any less stylish in the future.

5. Performance

A lot of cars that are affordable tend to lack in terms of performance. Steering can be heavy around corners. Acceleration might be unresponsive. Braking is dull. Now, it’s fair to say that not every Audi is perfect, but I wanted something that would handle well and still have the performance that I craved. My Audi has all the power I want and is just plain fun to drive.

Do you own an Audi? If you’re reading this blog chances are you do, or or at least interested in owning one. What do you love about them?