Audi Centennial Timepiece Tachoscope

Audi Centennial Timepiece

Audi just unveiled their Centennial Timepiece, which celebrates 100 years for the company. A very nice wristwatch, bearing the four rings logo on the face, was inspired by Auto Union racing cars. The watch – called the Tachoscope – combines a regulator dial, a chronograph with a stopwatch operated by a single button, and a tachometer dial.

Only the minute-hand is placed in the center of the dial, as the hour and second hands are off-set on the other dials. The Tachoscope’s tachometer function is especially unique, displaying velocity in kilometers or miles per hour.

Only 100 Tachoscopes will be made, 35 of which will be made from platinum, and 65 in white gold. Of course they’re ridiculously priced at € 24.900 (about $33,730 USD) for the platinum model and € 14.900 ($20,180) for white gold. Or you can buy a brand new Audi A4 for the price of a platinum watch.

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