Kahn Design Audi Q7

British design firm Kahn Design seems to be on a bit of a roll lately, coming out with lots of well-modified high-end cars. Their latest creation is their interpretation of the Audi Q7.

First, and most noticeably, Kahn Design gave the Q7 an exterior visual makeover: vented front replacement wings, gunmetal grey front bumper sections, rear vented bumper, large upper roof wing, wide wheel arches with rear vented spats, machined aluminum vented foot pedals, stainless steel door sills, replacement wings, LED daytime running lights, Kahn stainless steel exhaust system, gold calipers, and gunmetal grey mirror backs. This whole package rolls on Kahn’s 22″ RSX gunmetal grey alloy wheels.

Inside, they did quite a number on the interior as well, giving the front and rear seats black quilted perforated nappa leather with red stitching as well as a speedometer and tachometer in red and cream and Kahn foot pedals. Take a look at the seats below in the gallery – they look great. Of course, with enough money, you can have them make you a completely custom interior as well.

Under the hood, the Kahn Audi Q7 has the 3.0-liter TDI powerplant, producing 233 hp. Mated to Audi’s tiptronic transmission, the SUV can move from naught to 60mph in 8.4 seconds.

Want to buy the package as-is? You’ll need to fork over £61,875.