With only 6 days until Christmas, those struggling to find a cool gift to satisfy those with specialized German luxury tastes are engaged in a desperate search. For others, the after holiday shopping sends some searching for that one indulgence to ring in the new year. Luxury carmaker Audi provides a collection of pleasure-filled options that requires neither a driver’s license nor insurance to enjoy.

Sold under the Audi Collection, the lovers of the Audi TT or R8 sports car be rewarded or award themselves with lifestyle items. The Following list of available Audi Collection items are a few suggestions that could be found at the company’s official outfitter website in the United States.


Audi Leather Business Card Case
Price: $35.00 US


Looking to make a powerful statement for the important power lunch? Mixing business and pleasure, the businessperson would find themselves returning to work with an extra spring in their step for the new year thanks to a powerful business card case. The Audi Leather Business Card Case is a stylized organizer wearing the four rings logo discretely on the corner. Also suitable for containing important plastic such as credit cards or a driver’s license, the Audi Leather Business Card Case would fit easily in a jacket pocket.


Audi Silk Tie
Price: $76.83 US


For the gentleman looking to proudly advertise their allegiance to Audi in a formal setting, the Audi Collection offers a proper piece of clothing for the occasion. The Audi Silk Tie is a hand-sewn, high quality cut from 100% Italian fabric. Available in two of Audi’s most popularly exhibited colours, the high-end silk tie can be ordered in red or gray.


Audi R8 GT Scarf
Price: $59.60 US

Perfect for the Audi drop-top fan (especially those cruising in an R8 Spyder), there may be encouragement from the sheer forces of open-air performance motoring to ride with the roof retracted on a cooler than average day or night. While the driver may be caught up in the emotion of driving to be focused on temperature, maybe a passenger gains a chill from the rushing breezes. Offered in brown, gray and silver, the Audi R8 GT Scarf is a high performance item against uncomfortable coldness. A blend of 45 percent cotton and 55 percent linen, the quality Audi R8 GT Scarf is also a stylish fashion item inside or outside of an Audi product.


Audi Comforter with Teddy Bear Head
Price: $24.74 US


A novelty item guaranteed capable of bringing delight to the faces of children or even some adults, the Audi Comforter is a cute and assuring product. A comforter designed to infuse Audi motorsport interests, the appliqué of a 1930s era Auto Union racer is attached to the corner. Serving as a centerpiece to the Audi Motorsport comforter is a plush teddy bear wearing what appears to be an old-style race car driver headgear. When cheering on the Audi R18 prototype through the upcoming sports car racing season, the Audi Comforter with Teddy Bear Head could be a viewing companion for a budding child fan.


Audi Chronograph Wristwatch
Price: $272.17 US


When a motorist is lost in the adventure of quattro all-wheel drive or wrapping their hands around the performance of Audi’s newest TFSI engine, time can be easily lost. Perhaps a companion timepiece to the sleekest Audi S7 Sportback or Audi TT RS could act as a friendly warning that family and friends are missing the German performance aficionado. A product of Germany (just like the Audi brand), the Audi ‘double-stop’ Chronograph is a water resistant wrist piece operating on Swiss Ronda 5030.D quartz movement. A silver, gray and black chronograph is an extension of Audi’s modern elegance. A cow skin leather strap features a gentle stitching similar to the pattern found on S-Line Audi cars. The large numbers on the hour face are reminiscent a tachometer read-out like that of a 2012 Audi S6 or A7 Sportback.


Information source: Audi AG

photo source: Audi AG, Chris Nagy