Audi R8 HIDs

Audi has been marketing itself for a while now as a luxury vehicle manufacturer that sets itself apart from the rest of the competition by being edgier, bolder, and more daring in its design of cars. If you own an Audi and appreciate standing out in terms of style, while still wanting to partake in the finer side of effective design or with the use of professional auto detailing services, than you may want to consider headlights that ride the line between the two well. HID headlights can be customized, as you can pick headlight colors across an entire spectrum according to your choice and personal preference. At the same time, this technology emits light that is up to 3x brighter and 10x as long lasting as conventional halogen headlight systems, providing you with piercing, highly effective headlights for your Audi.

If you plan on installing a set of aftermarket Audi HID headlights, there are certain things you need to consider prior to installation. Unless your Audi is already equipped with a manufacturer’s set of HIDs, the process won’t be as simple as merely switching out one set of bulbs for another. You’ll need to install a new ballast as well as potentially install a wire harness adaptor and other components, though so long as your vehicle is a more recent model, you shouldn’t have to make any cuts into the body of your vehicle. The installation process is usually rather quick, but you’ll still want to set aside a few hours in case you need to make additional adjustments along the way.

HIDs are customizable by color, so if you’re more focused on style and not so worried about installation, this part you may find interesting. Differences in light colors are based on a spectrum of various color temperatures. The color temperatures range from 3000K, which is a light with a yellow hue, all the way to 12000K, which is a vivid blue light color. The most popular HID color tends to be the 6000K, which is a white light with a slight blue tint, though there are pure white lights and purple lights available as well. Be sure to remember also that color temperatures only correspond to the color of the light; the temperature has no effect on the brightness or effectiveness of the headlights.

So if you want to continue on the Audi path of setting your car apart from the mainstream, consider a set of colored HID lights for your Audi vehicle that are exotic and bold, yet also impressively adept at lighting the road ahead.