The investment into a premium vehicle is not necessarily reserved for millionaires. Unless you’re a major celebrity and corporate executive gifted with exotic, expensive cars, a new or even a pre-owned Audi product is something each individual owner will respect. An investment in good taste, buyers of the premium Audi car should continuously stride to insure their transformation is maintained in the best possible shape.

1. Know Your Audi Vehicle

Before purchasing your Audi vehicle, take time to carefully study the product you intend to buy. Consulting with the Audi website for the newest information on car and crossover vehicles is the popular start for many buyers.

Entering ownership with a foreign-built automobile presents some special considerations down the road in the case of maintenance and service. The search for a reliable mechanic is something deemed for inconvenient when an issue exists with an Audi vehicle. For newer Audi vehicle, the problem is compounded by the engineering philosophy. Due to some major mechanical design differences from the Volkswagen brand, many parts and components are unique only to Audi products. Because foreign cars are naturally found in lower numbers, vehicle components are very expensive for the reason of importation and due to short supplies in general. Conducting research beforehand on auto service centers can relieve headaches as well as second-guessing when an Audi needs special attention.

2. Accept an Audi as Family

While too many motorists accept a vehicle as a machine, the true reality is that thousands of pieces used to construct a mere single machine makes an automobile a near living being. Appreciation luxury cars have for their exotic rides often insures an Audi the respect it deserves.

Purchasing a desirable luxury brand vehicle is also a good chance to introduce yourself to the car’s family. Joining a car club can be an enriching experience as an exotic car owner to connect and share information on a lower production volume vehicle. For the United States and Canada, Audi Club North America has been uniting owners of the four-ring logo since 1984. A recreational car club is also a terrific source for exclusive special events and vehicle information relating to your Audi vehicle.

3. Acquire an Extended Warranty

When owning a luxury vehicle that extends beyond the standard warranty period, some owners could soon be bombarded by hefty bills for repairing failed or malfunctioning components.

Assuring an Audi owner will not be confronted by inconvenient, unscheduled repairs, an extended warranty could be the best investment to occupy your vehicle. With many private warranty programs on the market, factory-promoted Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Plans for vehicles exceeding the new car warranty involves several levels of defense against unplanned events. These plans cost into the thousands for several years extended protection but comes with the peace of mind that an Audi product can be repaired quickly. Depending on the extended warranty program, this assurance plan could be transferable in the event your Audi is sold assisting vehicle resale value.

4. Perform and Record Standard Vehicle Service

Extemporary engineering and construction goes a long way in preserving Audi vehicles for a long lifespan on the road. However, with all of the aluminum body panels, maintaining scheduled service is necessary for keeping an Audi in tip-top shape.

Adhere to Audi factory recommendation for oil change intervals and follow all other preventive maintenance chores. When performing all regular or unscheduled maintenance, there is a major advantage for an owner keep continuous records relating to a vehicle.

Information source: Audi Club North America, Audi USA
Photo Source: Chris Nagy