In the sport sedan category, the BMW M3 and the M5 sedan has been the perennial targets for every premium carmaker. Combining high-performance with luxury comfort, the German sports sedans sold by BMW has provoked some worthy adversaries from Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Audi. In the case of Audi, the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show gives a first public view for new S model vehicles expected to take the fight to BMW M line and the Mercedes AMG brand. A fourth generation Audi S6 one of the revised premium performance products at the German show intent to win over favour of speed-seeking luxury.

The Audi S6 sport sedan’s positioning in the performance luxury category is always a little confusing. Based on the Audi A6, the S6 performance and price focuses on the performance oriented versions of smaller sedans from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This is considered as a strength for the Audi S6 supplying itself as a relatively good value in previous model years. The new S6 sedan enters the limelight as vehicle engineered as a perfect balance between performance, premium accompaniment and practically.

Making use of the fresh, new look of the Audi A6, the basis of the S6 starts with lightweight exterior construction consisting of around 20 percent aluminum. For the Audi S6 sedan, the vehicle becomes 0.63 inches longer than the A6 with standard 19-inch cast aluminum wheels presenting a sportier look. The sensation of aluminum on the wheels is an auto racing-inspired touch the Audi S6 assemblies along other exterior surfaces including along the front bumper, the side mirrors and the edge of the rear bumper diffuser. The addition of a rear diffuser accompanies a rear deck spoiler on the Audi S6 sedan. Employing two unique colour tones over the A6, the Audi S6 can be ordered with Estoril Blue and Prism Silver each embodying a crystal effect. Over top of the chosen paint colour, S6 and V8T badges adorn the Audi S6’s exterior. Besides the standard set of 19-inch wheels, different wheel styles and sizes up to 20 inches can tailor decorate an Audi S6 to performance tastes.



As with all Audi vehicles in the S brand, the S6 moves through the capable quattro all-wheel drive system. Featuring adaptive air suspension sport, the Audi S6 ride can be driver adjusted between a 10-millimeter range. Together, the all-wheel drive and sport-tuned air suspension is set to deliver remarkable handling credentials for the new generation Audi S6. Braking for the 4,178-pound German sedan is executed with four-wheel disc brakes sporting matte black painted calipers. For braking performance under hard-driving conditions, the Audi S6 can be equipped with an optional set of carbon fiber ceramic brakes.

Inside the Audi S6’s renewed cabin, the sports sedan is a marriage of luxury refinement and performance car aggression certain to entice many drivers. Individuals behind the wheel will quickly enamour themselves to the Audi S6 sedan’s interior touches such as the red engine ignition button, aluminum-like foot pedals and technological driving aids including adaptive cruise control as well as heads-up display. Audi’s 360 degree parking camera is equipped on the S6 sedan associated with the MMI navigation plus system. Consisting of an 8-inch center touch display, the Audi S6 sedan’s MMI navigation plus provides Bluetooth connectivity and even wireless Internet into the car. Adjustable front sport seats with power lumber will improve the driver’s connection with their Zen feeling inside of the new Audi S6.

Audi’s entry-level S model using the new 4.0 TFSI engine, this brand new powerplant incorporates eight cylinders fed by a twin turbocharged forced air induction set-up. Not as powerful as the new Audi S8, the Audi S6’s variation of the 4.0 TFSI powerplant produces a more modest 420 horsepower. Compared to the previous generation Audi S6’s 5.2 liter V-10 engine, there is 15 fewer horsepower propelling the quattro all-wheel drive system for the new S6. With emphasis placed on improving fuel economy, the sacrifice of horsepower brings a surprisingly high increase in traveling mileage. Capable of travelling an average 24 miles per gallon of gasoline, the new Audi S6’s TFSI engine employs a cylinder on demand system and start/stop technology to maximize gasoline use.



Despite being a running on a smaller powerplant, new twin-turbocharged Audi S6 is actually faster than its predecessor. Accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an estimated 4.8 seconds, the new S6 sedan is 0.4 seconds quicker than the 2010 Audi S6.

At least in Europe, a wagon version of the Audi S6 (called the S6 Avant) will be sold. The Audi S6 Avant will feature all the performance enhancements embedded into the sedan counterpart but will present 59.33 cubic feet of cargo room. With popularity of sport wagons making the Audi S6 Avant a viable choice in the European market, American Audi buyers are unlikely to see the cargo-friendly version. Traditionally, the wagon variants of vehicles (especially sports wagons) are denied entrance into the North American model line-up.

Pricing and additional details for the Audi S6 will be announced shortly for the European and North American market.

Information and photo source: Audi AG