As with everything, luxury cars are only new once. Increased price tags and increased devotion to engineering, there is nothing preventing the sands of time to wear on marquis vehicles. Wear and tear of components is commonplace on all motor vehicles requiring repairs at scheduled as well as indefinite periods during its lifespan. The one major difference when an imported vehicle such as Audi, BMW, Lexus or Mercedes-Benz comes when the wheels enter the auto body shop.

While domestic vehicles present a large network and a sizable parts network, repairs is generally presented with an advantage of lower maintenance costs. Well a Chrysler car, truck or crossover vehicle can confidently taken beyond the Chicago Dodge dealer, the maintenance of more foreign automobiles can present owners with more limited, costlier choices turning a dream car into a check book’s nightmare. While regular preventive maintenance can be an experience reminding one of the perils of import luxury car ownership, unforeseen breakdowns of electronic and mechanical items can create an unpleasant feeling not even the most comfortable messaging leather driver seat can easily cure. In the case of Audi vehicles, the German luxury brand has earned unfavourable notoriety in North America as an expensive product to repair. A new Audi vehicle is provided with a 4-year or 50,000-mile basic warranty from the dealership, an extended protection plan becomes an important consideration. Debated upon as a vehicle is purchased, new owners of Audi products (especially pre-owned vehicles) can be protected from the harm of massive repair shop bills.


There are many independent providers of extended warranties varying in price and coverage. Assisting in the shopping of an extended warranty, Audi itself offers its own protection packages for new and previously owned vehicles. Covered under the Audi Pure Protection Program, an array of extended warranty plans are available for everything from the Audi A3 to the Audi R8.

Offering five different packages, Audi Pure Protection Program base product is the Powertrain Plan. The Powertrain Plan coverage is limited to mechanical parts linked to engine, transmission and driveshafts components. Based on the complexity of Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system, the Powertrain Plan could ward off some major expenses.

The next level of extended warranty protection for Audi products is the Silver Plan that adds steering, electrical and suspension parts under the coverage scheme. For Audi vehicles featuring the newer MMI entertainment systems, the Gold and enhanced protection of the Gold Plus Plan is an ideal defence for high tech items. For the most comprehensive extended warranty available, the Platinum Plan covers virtually the entire mechanical and electronic parts of an Audi product.

For all of the Audi Pure Protection Program options, perks provided includes towing coverage up to $75 and rental car payments if a covered Audi fall ill. With purchasing an Audi from the dealership, the chosen protection plan can be deluded into more convenient payments within the vehicle’s financing. Remaining with the vehicle even with sale, Audis covered with the extended warranty plan can be sold at higher resale prices as the plan is transferable through ownership.

Promising peace of mind, an extended warranty on an Audi product is a worthy thought for a prospective buyer hoping to enjoy their German luxury car for years to come.

Information source: Audi of America