For the most elite and wealthy people, there access to the greatest, exotic vehicles is available thanks to loaded bank accounts. However, as much as some well-regarded individuals would rather pilot a Lamborghini or Ferrari, the extraordinary dangers which could result in their lives demand specific transportation options. Realizing the need to protect the world’s dignitaries many luxury car makers have their own in-house divisions devoted for high-security preparations. A continuous leap for optimum safeguarding is the goal behind the upcoming Audi A8 L Security model.

Starting with the Audi A8 L extended wheelbase model, every detail of this rolling fortress beckons the utmost in safety and security. Originating from the same Neckarsulm, Germany production facility that builds the conventional Audi A8 and A8 L vehicles, the A8 L Security models are given modifications up to a class VR 7 ballistic protection standard. Inside of a highly-guarded workshop where security measures have even banned the use of cell phones, every Audi A8 L Security edition undergoes a 450-hour hand assembly process. Fitted with hot-formed armoured steel, ceramics and special aluminum alloy materials, the production car’s Audi Space Frame is toughened to resist NATO hard-core ammunitions or explosive devices.


Over top of the Audi A8 L Security multilayer glass windshield, side and rear windows, a polycarbonate coating acts as a barrier to prevent glass from spraying into the interior. Beefing up safety around every corner, the Audi A8 L Security is sealed below by a aluminum alloy floor. Added protection of the battery and fuel tank can also be ordered. the security package build-up of the Audi A8 L results in an indistinguishable vehicle from the standard showroom model. Full LED headlights, adaptive air suspension and 19-inch, two-tone forged wheels are factory features which the Security package A8 L models retain.

Using power from a direct-injected W-12 engine, the 6.3 liter powerplant uses 500 horsepower and 461 pounds-feet of torque to escape from the exclusive gala or from a dangerous situation. Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive and 8-speed tiptronic is included on the A8 L Security model for 0 to 62 mile per hour times in 7.2 seconds before launching to a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Heavier than the standard Audi A8 L thanks to significant armouring, the Security edition achieves rather confident average fuel mileage above 17 miles per gallon. Driving aids such as the Audi pre sense basic version and lane assist is standard on the A8 L Security model while adaptive cruise control as well as night vision assistant can be fitted as optional equipment.


Protected by 1,587 pounds of armour is the Audi A8 L’s interior which still features many of the convenience items found on the standard factory model. Audi’s MMI Navigation plus system is made accessible through an 8-inch touchscreen located within the front, center dash panel. In the most ideal circumstances, riders inside the Audi A8 L Security trim model will be comforted by full leather interior, four-zone climate control and a Bose audio system. Optional enjoyment features such as a rear seat center console, folding table and refrigerator can be included to please chauffeured passengers.

However, in the most extreme scenario, the specially-modified Audi A8 L provides a full-array of emergency features beyond the armour protection. Fire extinguishing system, blow-away pyrotechnical doors and a fresh-air system assures the best interests of occupants inside the A8 L Security. Securing an additional battery within a ceramic and aluminum communication box, the Audi A8 Security model also features a standard two-way communications system that allows inside occupants to comfortably interact with outside parties. Using interior and exterior microphones along with speaker equipment which includes one behind the A8 L grille, full interior protection is maintained.


Providing peak passenger protection, the first custom examples of the Audi A8 L Security sedan will be delivered for late summer. Upcoming in 2012, a fuel efficient Security model will be included on the A8 L sedan.