MTM Audi RS5

You just drop 72000 Euros (~$92,000 USD) on a brand new Audi RS5 Coupe with a 4.2 liter V8 capable of nearly 450 hp. With the first 10 minutes, you find out that Audi limited the top speed to 155 mph (or 174 mph if you ask nicely.) Enough speed for most? Probably, but you want more. You want to squeeze every last drop of power out of this car you can, so you take it over to MTM’s studio in Germany (or any of their official partner shops.) Drop it off, go pick up your dry cleaning, come back, and MTM’s added their V-Cantronic device, which removes the factory speed limiter to 303 km/h (about 188 mph.) That’s more like it. The entire process? About an hour and 1499 Euros ($1925 USD or so.) Yup, it’s expensive, but you just dropped nearly $100,000 for a car – you can afford it.

If you have a little more patience (and around 3000 Euros,) you can have MTM install their custom stainless steel exhaust for the RS5, adding a new sound, new look, and a little more performance. They also have an adjustable-height suspension in the works.

Those wheels you see in the images above and below? Those are MTM’s 9-spoke Bimono rims, available in 19, 20, or 21-inch varieties. Cost for those? 2249 Euros, or around $2900 USD for the 19-inch set. Pricey, but damn they look good.