MTM Audi R8 GT3-2

Just as we hear reports of Audi planning a race-ready but street-legal R8 GT3, MTM comes out with this – a massively fast, supercharged, lightweight, Rear-Wheel-Drive version of the V8-powered supercar called the R8 GT3-2. The “2” at the end represents its drive wheels, differentiating it from the standard AWD cars.

While the performance enhancements are significant (and we will go over those in the following paragraphs,) what we really need to focus on here is that this is an Audi R8 without its quattro AWD system; it’s only driven by the rear wheels. While that may seem like a disadvantage to some, others (especially racers,) will consider this a godsend and buy one based solely on that fact. Not only does getting rid of quattro lighten up the car, but gives it an entirely new driving dynamic. RWD cars are more fun to drive, for one, but can also be driven more aggressively and can be taken around turns sideways (powersliding, drifting,) whereas AWD cars have trouble doing that.

So, what else has been changed? MTM supercharged the R8, effectively giving the 4.2-liter V8 engine 560 HP – 35 more than the V10 version with significantly less weight. It’s only boosted to 8 psi, so crank up that boost and you’ll get even more power. Zero to 62 mph comes in only 3.9 seconds, up to a top speed of 197 mph. MTM also tacked on a special exhaust to increase performance and make the modified R8 sound unmistakable. A special adjustable suspension is added to the car, along with 20-inch lightweight forged wheels wrapped in high-performance Dunlop tires.

Outside, MTM kept it mostly stock, save for replacing the front spoiler, side skirt and rear wing with their own lightweight (and more aerodynamic) carbon fiber pieces. Inside, MTM gets you some Recaro carbon racing seats.

If you’re interested in an MTM Audi R8 GT3-2 – and who would blame you – you can order one from MTM directly or give them your existing R8 for a conversion.