2010 Audi Q5

The readers of Off Road Magazine just voted the new Audi Q5 as best off-road SUV of the year. 25,000 readers of the magazine voted the Q5 in for the SUV category. Kind of surprising actually, I never considered the Q5 to be much of an off-roader.

Off Road also voted the Audi Q7 into third place in the Luxury SUV category.

“The Audi Q5 combines dynamics and sportiness with a highly variable interior. It’s an all-round talent for recreation and family. And in the long run, that’s what customers in this segment want,” noted Hans-Joachim Radde, Head of Marketing Germany at AUDI AG. And about the Q7, Mr. Radde? “Sports, recreation and business – that’s what the Audi Q7 stands for. And with the 3.0 TDI clean diesel, it already meets the strict Euro 6 limits that will come into effect in 2014.”