The Audi A8 “Security” shown here features a full-cage outer body armor certified by the German Federal Police, run-flat tires, gas tank and battery armoring, double mirror interior, emergency door, power-adjustable leather seats, refrigerator, retractable rear-seat tables, heated wind screen, multi-zone climate controls, and other comfort features as standard. If you need all that protection in a car, perhaps you should rethink your profession, even if you can afford the $80 million price tag.

Despite that exorbitant price, however, Audi brand and sales manager at Issa Transport Group (ITG) Deborah Stewart says that “Given its features, the A8 Security is reasonably priced.” Hardly. ITG is the Kingston representative for Audi, and has the Audi A8 Security available via special order for $80 million.

If you aren’t a well-hated Sultan and the $80 mill is a bit out of your price range, also consider the following ridiculously priced armored cars:

* The Mercedes Benz S500 – $24 million

* BMW 761i and Audi Q7 4.2 V8 SUV – $23 million

* BMW M3 – $16 million

* Land Rover HSE V8 – $15-$17 million

* Audi A8 sedan Q7 – $14 million.

* Cadillac Escalade – $14 million

* Hummer H2 – $14 million

* Audi Q7 3.0 V6 – $11 million

* Range Rover Sport V6 – $9-$11 million

* Chevy Tahoe (Hybrid) – $5.7 million

* Chevy Avalanche – $4.4 million