Oddly, most of the news surrounding the new Audi A8 has been about where it is being unveiled. Available in the UK in early 2010 the new Audi is being unveiled in Miami at the end of November. The recent capital of design, the new model will be premiered on the eve of Design Miami in The Audi Pavilion, a temporary structure made special for this occasion. Audi will be looking to grab more headlines like it did when the Audi R8 aluminum concept car was unveiled.

Despite all this hype about where the new model is being unveiled there are still some facts and figures to get your teeth into. Modification to air-bag suspension has improved the ride and provided better handling. The ride is also quieter without increasing weight, so performance should be unaffected.

However, it is still unclear on the exact engine specs at this point.

Will it have the same 4.2 litre V8 as the US market? A V8 is definitely expected but there’s been talk on whether it will be a 3 litre V6 from the S4 or an economical four-cylinder! Given the hoopla around the car’s premier I’m guessing they haven’t skimped on the engine and expect a surprise of some sort.

A lot will also be made of the car’s design. Back in 1994 when the A8 first came out, it was no doubt a popular car but its design was fairly generic. The third generation of the manufacturer’s flagship model should do more to arouse your inner artiste.