Audi R10 Concept

Audi R10 Concept

What you see above is independant designer Marouane Bembli’s interpretation of what he calls the Audi R10 – the successor to the R8. In line with Audi concepts of past, the R10 (which shares its name with the R10 TDI race car currently being used) is a futuristic representation of the current R8 supercar. Stretched and widened, more aggressive overall styling, and typical futuristic looking wheels straight out the movie I, Robot.

Marouane Bembli also says the R10 should get power from an ethanol-powered V10 or V12 TDI engine, basically a step up from the R8’s V8/V10 lineup.

I have a feeling Audi will be focusing a bit more on alternate propulsion (i.e. electric powertrains,) proven by the Audi e-Tron electric supercar. Check out more renderings of the R10 below.



source: feber via Automotto