Audi is delving further into marketing through video games. Later this year, Playstation 3 owners will be able to virtually test drive the new Audi e-tron electric supercar concept through what they’re calling Audi Space in Playstation Home.

All Playstation Home users will be able to play the game, the purpose of which to try and gain as much speed as possible through avoiding driving errors and gathering as much electrical energy as they can on the 3D track, and the Audi Space will feature reserved Audi apartments only for the best drivers. The graphics can be rather demanding and therefore it is recommended to use the best gaming monitor available.

I’m not sure many Playstation 3 gamers are the demographic to buy the electric e-tron when it’s released, but it gets the Audi brand name out to them, hopefully in a good way. Audi’s first major attempt at this was the A4 Driving Experience game for the iPhone, and the first version was terrible. The second version, released shortly after the first was better, but still had some work to do. Let’s hope they worked hard to make the Audi Space for PS3 a fun experience.