Audi e-tron Electric Concept

Audi e-tron Electric Concept

We’ve been publishing any information we got about the new electric Audi e-Tron Concept supercar, and today Audi officially unveiled the car, along with plenty of details. It is, as you can see, based off of the R8, but underneath the body is its own car completely.

The e-tron concept is fully electric – no internal combustion engine is present, meaning it’s not a hybrid. As you know from seeing cars such as the Tesla Roadster and the Lightning GT, a fully electric car is a good candidate for high performance due to the massive amounts of torque available from zero RPMs, and the e-tron is no different. While it only produces 313 horsepower, the electric motors produce an incredible 3,319 lb-ft of torque. No, that’s not a typo. For contrast, a Lamborghini Murcielago V12 engine “only” produces 479 lb-ft. These numbers allow the e-tron to accelerate from 0-120 km/h (0-62 mph) in only 4.8 seconds, and even more impressively, 60-120 km/h (37-75 mph) in 4.1 seconds. Sadly, top speed is limited to 124 mph since going any faster would result in a serious drain on the battery.

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The battery, which sits behind the passenger compartment for optimal 42:58 weight distribution, has a range of 154 miles. Not perfect, but it’s a start. The e-tron concept consists of four electric motors, one on each wheel, for a true quattro system, allowing the car to distribute torque to each wheel accordingly. They call it “torque vectoring,” and it will allow the e-tron to corner like nothing you’ve ever seen. Under normal conditions, 70% of torque will be routed to the rear wheels until torque rerouting is necessary.

One cool feature in the e-tron concept that Audi is already developing is called “car-to-x communication.” This allows the car to “talk” to external sources. For example, in the car, you could receive information about traffic light cycle times and flow of traffic to optimize your driving strategy. How this works exactly I don’t know, but expect to hear more out of Audi regarding this technology, as they’re already working on it through their travolution project.

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The futuristic e-tron receives plenty of other tech, such as LEDs used in all lighting units, including all-LED headlights (already seen in the R8 Spyder.) The headlights on the e-tron are unique, however, in that they adapt automatically to the environment, providing optimal lighting for rain, fog, etc and detects oncoming traffic, driving lanes, and visibility with an on-board camera. The camera will detect oncoming traffic and turn off the brights, for example, or detect an upcoming turn and illuminate it for maximum visibility.

Since the e-tron concept is fully electric, it requires you to plug it in when it needs charging, taking about 6 to 8 hours from standard household current. A high voltage unit will be available, which reduces charging time to only 2.5 hours from fully discharged to fully charged. Audi is also working on a wireless charging system which would make it more convenient, automatically charging the car when it’s docked in your garage. The e-tron concept also uses regenerative braking, charging the batteries when you brake, much like current hybrid models.

The e-tron concept car is a great addition to the few electric sports cars already on the market, and from the looks of things, it will blow them all away. No word on production date or cost – it’s just a concept for now.

Check out the photo gallery and video below: