Sunday 29th of November 2015

Audi Truth in 24 iPhone App

Audi Truth in 24 iPhone App

Audi just released their latest iPhone app based on the Truth in 24 movie, which is now available on iTunes for download. Truth in 24 is a racing game, pretty much just like all the other racing games available for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You tilt the device from side-to-side to turn the car, and use a “gas” and “brake” button on the sides of the screen.

I downloaded the app and played it, and have to admit that it’s very obvious they didn’t put much though or time into it. It’s disappointing and badly done. The graphics are terrible, it crashed on me every time I played it, there are many other vehicles in which you keep having to pass them, but there are only 2 designs of cars. One looks like an Aston Martin, and the other like a Saleen S7, but the graphics are so bad you can’t see them clearly.

There is no reason to keep playing it, as it’s all the same thing. Grass doesn’t slow you down, so you can easily miss the other cars by driving on the grass the whole time. When you go in for a pit stop, you hold the gas can to refill then drag a tire icon over to each of the 4 tires to replace those. After I did that, the sound stopped working, and a minute later it crashed again. There’s not even a way to pause the game!


Audi, this is worse than the first release of A4 Driving Challenge for the iPhone, and that’s saying a lot. Please test these games first and make them fun to play before releasing them. It’s obvious that this is just a marketing ploy. I don’t have a problem with that, but at least give some sort of value to the consumer here.

As it stands, you’ll be wasting your time downloading this app unless they come out with a new version that is MUCH better.

Here is Audi’s description of the app, and more photos afterwards:

In combination with the release of the celebrated Le Mans documentary, Truth in 24, Audi is proud to announce the accompanying iPhone game. As a natural extension of the film, the Truth in 24 application puts the excitement of Le Mans racing right into the palm of your hand.

Using the iPhone’s accelerometer, players will experience one of the world’s most notorious races: The 24 Hours of Le Mans. Players have the option to hone their driving skills in Practice mode before putting their skills to the test in the featured Endurance mode. And just like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, you’ll compete against the clock, opposing racecars and a variety of obstacles in addition to making strategic decisions in the pit. For a challenge that incorporates speed, stamina and strategy and an exciting experience of the action on the track, look no further than Truth in 24.

Throttle: Press the gas pedal on the right side of the screen to accelerate. Releasing the gas pedal will gradually decrease speed.

Steering: Hold the iPhone in front of you like a steering wheel. Gently turn the phone side to side like you are steering a car.

Braking: Press the brake pedal on the left side of the screen to slow down. While braking, steering will become more sensitive, allowing for hairpin turns.

Pit Stop: When prompted, press the “Pit Stop” button to enter the pit.

Tires: During pit stops, drag the tire icon from the right side of screen to the tires that need replacing, which are highlighted in red.

Refueling: During pit stops, press and hold the fuel pump icon until your fuel meter is full.



Truth in 24

Truth in 24

Due to popular demand, Audi has released Truth in 24, the racing documentary about the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The film is now available on iTunes for free to download to your computer, iPod, or iPhone, and will be available in high definition next week.

Truth in 24 provides an unprecedented behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Audi Sport auto racing dynasty pushing to maintain its dominance at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in France against a powerful new rival. Although Audi had claimed seven of the previous eight Le Mans competitions, its chances entering the 2008 race were far from certain.

I haven’t personally seen the film yet, because frankly I can’t stand using iTunes on my PC, and for some reason the iTunes app on my iPhone can’t find the video. Once it becomes available though, you better bet I’ll download and watch it. It’s gotten some great reviews from users, and won awards at international film festivals in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida.

Check out a 30-second trailer below, then download Truth in 24 at iTunes

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