Wednesday 2nd of December 2015


Not particularly groundbreaking news, but something good to hear is that Audi market share has increased 1.3% to 7.7% in March for the U.S. import luxury segment. This is due mostly to great sales of the long-awaited Q5 crossover, which sold 1,094 units in March – its first full month for sale, making it the second highest selling Audi in March, after the A4.

Strong sales of the Audi A5 and R8 contributed to the increased market share, with the excellent A5 gaining a 41.6% increase in sales over last year, selling a total of 657 units in March. Sales of the Audi R8 are up 18.6% year-to-date.

I congratulate Audi for increasing market share here in the States, outpacing competitors, and making one helluva car.

Audi Board Members at 2009 Press Conference

Audi Board Members at 2009 Press Conference

So despite nobody having any money and car sales mostly bottoming out, Audi somehow managed to have a great 2008, posting record sales of 1,003,469 cars, which is up 4.1% from 2007. Overall revenue soared to $43,681,970, up 1.7% from the year before. Operating profit increased by 2.5%, and return on investment increased 1.2% overall. This called for celebration – each and every Audi worker got a $6,775 bonus last year.

So how did Audi Group manage to increase their numbers this much? They blame a good part of it on the new 2009 A4, which is rightfully selling like hotcakes right now. Additionally, the new Audi Q5 was the right car at the right time, and the updated A3 and A6 are doing quite well. And while other carmakers are canceling development on their new products, Audi is promising to bring 12 all-new models to the line-up in the next seven years, as well as invest in Clean Diesel technologies.

But don’t get too excited yet. While 2008 was excellent for Audi, 2009 is starting off pretty bad. January and February 2009 sales are already down 20.3% from last year, and Audi doesn’t expect it to get much better this year. Hold on tight folks…