q7 two door 800x600 Audi Q7 Two Door Concept

Audi Q7 Two-Door Concept

Despite the fact that this would (hopefully) never go into production, it’s an interesting thought. A two-door luxury SUV. Audi makes a lot of effort to give the Q7 options to make it sporty such as an S-line package, paddle-shifters, a body kit, big sporty wheels, and other stuff. While I do like the idea of personalizing your vehicle, I fail to see the point of giving your big SUV paddle shifters and sport modes and the like. The body kit…I get it, it’s an appearance package, and it looks cool. But no paddle shifting or sport mode is going to make me think I’m driving a sports car.

Same situation here. What would be the point of making a two-door luxury SUV? First of all the doors would be huge and heavy. I’m sure it would be popular to add all the S-line stuff onto it. Great, now you have a big SUV wrapped in sports car clothing. It’s still a big SUV, and will always handle like a big SUV.

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