a5lightweight Lightweight Audi A5 Prototype Drops 242 lbs

Lightweight Aluminum Audi A5 Prototype

Testing out their aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology used on the R8, TT, and A8, Audi applied the lightweight construction method to a prototype A5 coupe. The lightweight A5 is 242 pounds lighter than its steel-bodied brother, which gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 159-hp per ton, only 11 hp per ton shy of the more powerful 3.2-liter V6 A5. The normal A5 weighs in at 3130 lbs, while the lightweight version comes in at 2888 lbs, thanks to the use of the aluminum architecture and some carbon fiber parts

Audi doesn’t plan to produce the A5 with this technology right away, but expect to see it in the next generation A5, as well as other Audi vehicles in the next few years. Audi also noted that they will need to implement lightweight design principles in their electric vehicles in the future, since electric drivetrains tend to be very heavy.

ppi razor gtr front PPI Razor GTR   A Lightweight, High Powered Audi R8

PPI Razor GTR from Audi R8

PPI, another German Audi tuner, has taken some of their best parts developed for the Audi R8 and rolled it all into one. They call it the PPI RAZOR GTR, and it’s mean. The result of this is an R8 with 580hp, and about 443 ft-lbs of torque. Their main objective here was to optimize the power-to-weight ratio of the R8, so they’ve also lightened the car by 551 lbs. This allows the Razor GTR to run from 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds, and reach a top speed of 206 mph. This is all made possible by the specially made supercharger system along with a ram-charged air filter system, high-flow exhaust, and re-tuned ECU.

The extensive modification list begins with the body. Carbon fiber is used all-around to reduce weight an increase strength. This includes PPI’s own front bumper and front diffuser for aerodynamics, and large air inlets to help cool the brakes and feed fresh air to the radiators. New sideskirts also help with aerodynamics, and a larger rear wing with adjustable flap keep the car planted at high speeds. They’ve even changed the motor cover, which is now made from Makrolon – a lightweight polycarbonate material, and includes carbon fiber ram-charged air inlets that help keep the engine cool. New side blades, rear fenders, and rear bumper also help with cooling, and a new rear diffuser works with them to help with aerodynamics.

ppi razor gtr rear PPI Razor GTR   A Lightweight, High Powered Audi R8

PPI Razor GTR Rear

The car was fitted with a widebody skin to help fit all the extra parts, and to make room for the wider wheels, which are lightweight carbon fiber (of course) forged aluminum PPI wheels. The 19-inch wheels in front weigh only 19.4 lbs, and the 20-inch set in the rear weigh 22 lbs. Decreasing unsprung weight is one of the best ways to increase your car’s performance, so no bling-bling here. The brakes under these wheels are specially made for this car, and include large 6-piston calipers and large rotors.

A new coilover kit has also been added, and comes with a hydraulic lift system which will raise and lower the car to fit over speed bumps, curbs, and steep inclines. We first saw this in the Lamborghini Diablo, which had this rather serious problem of scraping everything more than a couple inches tall.

The interior wasn’t left untouched, of course. Most everything is made from carbon fiber inside, from the hand-brake lever, door sill protectors, Driver and Radio Console Surround, Door Trims, Center Console inserts,kneepad trims, the lightweight sport seats, the headliner, the steering wheel, shift knob, door panels and center console. The leather is replaced with high quality Onyx Nubuck-leather and orange accents and highlights, with PPI badging and styling.

Now…just wait until they get ahold of the R8 V10.

ppi razor gtr side PPI Razor GTR   A Lightweight, High Powered Audi R8

PPI Razor GTR Side

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