Month: April 2012

Audi Goes Long with A6 L e-tron Concept at 2012 Auto China

  North America auto buyers would be amused at the potpourri that is the global Audi vehicle range. Through high-profile auto exhibitions, the version of the A1 subcompact and Q3 compact crossover are models unaccustomed to Audi owners (or potential Audi owners) in the United States. Making judgement calls for what mind of vehicles a certain market can sustain, we (as North American enthusiasts) are kept in the dark of Audi’s accomplishments in other parts of the world. Thankful to the theatrics of several major auto shows, car companies are finally encouraged to display their many faces to a global audience. In China, Audi produces a wider wheelbase version of the A6 sedan in association with (FAW) First Automobile Works Group Corporation. A solid selling vehicle in China‘s premium car segment after a short time on the market, the Audi A6 L is 3.7 inches longer compared to the standard sedan in overall length. For the 2012 Auto China exhibit, Audi and FAW collective success of the A6 L is being highlighted to the world with e-tron treatment. The newest appearance of Audi’s electrified plug-in hybrid powertrain, A6 L e-tron Concept pushes the bounds of their gasoline-saving technology deeper.     The combination of a gasoline and electric power train on a large sedan (as shown on the Audi A6 L e-tron Concept) is nothing new for Audi. The...

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Quattro-Driven Audi Acquires Two-Wheel Company Ducati

Adding credence to rumours spread last week, Audi officially announced Wednesday there is the new owner of Italian motorcycle company Ducati. Buying share holdings from Investindustrial the Canadian-based Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan and BS Investimenti, the purchase of Ducati by Audi has been quoted to be in excess of 1.1 billion US dollars. In presenting this major acquisition, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi AG Rupert Stadler declared, “As a sporty, global premium brand, Ducati is an excellent fit for Audi.” In the announcement, Audi pinpoints several desirable attributes in the Ducati company that made the acquisition mutually beneficial for both companies. Citing Ducati’s knowledge of lightweight material and engineering, Audi has describe this information could offer great opportunities for future Audi and Volkswagen Group products. Audi has also been impressed by Ducati’s small engine technology and their utilization of a special combustion chamber process for creating sport power. An Italian company founded in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons, Ducati business was initially a producer of radio equipment. It was after the Second World War when the Ducati name would be associated with motorized bikes when they proceeded to assemble the Cucciolo in post-war Italy. Ducati swiftly expanded their product line-up to include higher performance motorcycles that would eventually blossom across Europe and overseas in the Americas. North American customers were introduced to...

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Audi Revealing Q3 RS Concept for Upcoming Auto China 2012

  Pertaining to sport versions of Audi’s vehicles, the RS destination was given to the German luxury car brand’s products in 1994. Inaugurated on ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ called the RS2 Avant, the flexibility Audi showed with towards high performance presented the all-wheel drive quattro drivetrain linked in a screaming 311 horsepower 2.2 liter turbocharged engine. In recent years, Audi’s avant-garde design has been injected with a high dose of performance character through expanded use of the RS badge as the brand headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany targeted the M division of BMW and AMG outfitted Mercedes-Benz products. Extended to sedan, coupes, convertibles and wagons of many sizes, there have yet to be a production RS model of an Audi crossover vehicle. At the upcoming Beijing Auto China exhibit, one concept presentation using an Audi Q3 will finally test the waters of crossover utility merging with the high-performance RS trim.     Painted a rather calming shade of Ordos Blue (a mix of matte blue and yellow), the Audi RS Q3 Concept is a rare variety of compact utility super performance. Lowered 25 millimeters (0.98 inches) compared to the stock model Q3 sold in Europe, the Audi RS Q3’s bodywork also portrays a wider stance for the crossover vehicle. Unique front grille, tinted front headlight and taillight housings as well as the precise use of aluminum trim allows the...

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