Month: December 2011

Audi A1 quattro Asserts Sport Compact Car Authority

While some automotive cultures define performance by the amount of cylinders or even through outrageous horsepower, an astute group of car fanatics realize a true sports car as a well-rounded creation. Weight, handling and usable engine power cemented into perfect form has the ability to cultivate a four-wheeled legend. The original Mini Cooper or even the Porsche 911 has proven formidable matches to much more powerful cars in some motorsport arenas. Best exercised by Japan and European brands, engineers have a knack for realizing performance potential from otherwise vanilla economy cars. A popular upscale compact car, the Audi A1 has been an important part in appealing to European buyers including the ones found in the auto brand’s German homeland. Filling a small vehicle niche the German luxury car company had not occupied since the discontinuation of the Audi 50 in 1978, the three-door A1 hatchback charmed a younger, hipper group of motorists with the Volkswagen Polo-based compact. Announcing the five-door A1 Sportback’s addition just last month ago, the shift towards practicality for the model will be accompanied by a product capturing clients expecting excess thrill. Just ahead of Christmas, Audi delivers news of a limited production A1 quattro sport compact car. Part of what will be a quick production run of 333 cars in 2012, the Audi A1 quattro trails deeply into European factory sport compact culture.    ...

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Top Audi Gear for the 2011 Holidays

  With only 6 days until Christmas, those struggling to find a cool gift to satisfy those with specialized German luxury tastes are engaged in a desperate search. For others, the after holiday shopping sends some searching for that one indulgence to ring in the new year. Luxury carmaker Audi provides a collection of pleasure-filled options that requires neither a driver’s license nor insurance to enjoy. Sold under the Audi Collection, the lovers of the Audi TT or R8 sports car be rewarded or award themselves with lifestyle items. The Following list of available Audi Collection items are a few suggestions that could be found at the company’s official outfitter website in the United States.   Audi Leather Business Card Case Price: $35.00 US   Looking to make a powerful statement for the important power lunch? Mixing business and pleasure, the businessperson would find themselves returning to work with an extra spring in their step for the new year thanks to a powerful business card case. The Audi Leather Business Card Case is a stylized organizer wearing the four rings logo discretely on the corner. Also suitable for containing important plastic such as credit cards or a driver’s license, the Audi Leather Business Card Case would fit easily in a jacket pocket.   Audi Silk Tie Price: $76.83 US   For the gentleman looking to proudly advertise their allegiance...

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Audi Expresses Apprehension for Avant in North America

Wearing Audi’s brand new exterior appearance philosophy, the A6 and now the smaller A4 enters the 2012 European market under the optimism they are providing vehicles the customers want. While the four-door sedans are the hot commodity of almost any automotive marketplace, the European marketplace for Audi for the A4 and A6 includes the Avant wagon model. Picked as one of the favourite cars from 2011 by, the Audi A6 Avant was appreciated by the reputable British on-line marketplace site for its superior build, performance choice and larger size. Some would definitely think that the A6 Avant could be a hot seller in the United States premium car community. Unfortunately, the entire Avant line is on a hiatus from the United States market through the 2012 model year. A prized automotive marketplace that had completely divested from wagons during the late 1990s, North American appetites first turned to minivans evolving into the sport utility craze. Thanks to the car-based crossover vehicle, the wagon has made a recovery of sorts undercover of all-wheel drive propulsion and taller rooflines. Returning in a similar manner as the five-door hatchback to United States, the wagon configuration is seen in a less conventional form. In the mainstream auto marketplace, vehicles like the Nissan Juke, Kia Soul and Toyota Versa has been romancing the typical wagon family crowds. Luxury motorists also demand a car...

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Top Audi R8 Supercars Taken to Tuner Extremes

  A vehicle assembled at a maximum production run of 20-30 cars per day, the exotic mystique of the Audi R8 quattro supercar could sell itself on rarity. However, after five years of annual production capacity averaging 3,800 vehicles, the Audi halo car is now a bit less exclusive. For the higher social crowd that prefers to be noticed as unique individuals, performance and style tuner sources outside of the Audi factory can restore the unique allure of the favoured supercar.   TC Concepts R8 Toxique   A recent addition to the world of modified Audi R8s, the direction TC Concepts took with the German supercar aimed at creating a distinct automotive identity at an approachable price. Helping to keep customers from completely overextending their budgets, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique is created from the 4.2 liter V-8 version of the Audi R8 Coupe. Without involving any extraordinary engine enhancements other than a high-performance air filter and a reconfiguration of the engine electronics, TC Concepts positioned the bulk of the handiwork on the styling of the Audi R8. Casting the supercar in their own image, the tuner group of TC Concepts dedicated themselves around the R8 supercar’s front end as well as the side panels. Given a racier look, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique’s enlarged front air intakes features recessed black mesh guarding. Subtracting the R8 Coupe’s body colour-contrasting...

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