Month: May 2011

Project Kahn Releases the Audi TR8

Like the looks of the uber-sexy Audi R8 but can’t afford the six figure price tag? Project Kahn may have a low cost workaround for you. Nope, you’re not going to get the blistering 525 hp acceleration or the screaming of a 5.2-liter V10 engine behind your head, but at least you’ll be the only Audi TT on the road that kind of looks like an R8. Project Kahn, the British specialty car design firm, just released their newest kit for the Audi TT. Starting with a standard TT, Kahn added new front and rear bumpers, mesh inserts and a new front grille that looks like the grille found on the R8. In addition, they’ve added a new rear spoiler, stainless steel quad exhaust system, lowered suspension, a front lower bumper lip and door mirrors in a billet steel finish to match the dark gray exterior paint of the Audi. Of course, the first thing you probably noticed is the signature colored sideblade as found on the R8. Audi connoisseurs like yourself aren’t going to be fooled into thinking that the TR8 is a real R8, but a few “commoners” might be fooled at a glance. Even if you’re not trying to convince others that you own an R8, the TR8 still looks quite a bit better than your standard TT, so it may be worth a look if...

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Audi Roadside Help in the App World

Long recognized by some motoring tastes, the Audi brand of luxury vehicles enjoys many special characteristics. The quattro all-wheel drive system, distinctive European styling and latest technical advances improving the performance as well as convenience to occupants, Audi has risen the allure of the German automaker. An Audi owner will immediately realize their special presence behind the wheel. A particular honour to possess such a vehicle, everything from finding comprehensive car policy quotes to finding the right mechanic assures a new Audi driver the peace of mind. More than ever, premium vehicles ranging from the Audi A3 to the Audi R8 need the assurance of a reliable auto plan. Much like their recent vehicle development, the German luxury car brand is launching an all-new smartphone application in cooperation with Allstate Roadside Services. Optimized for Apple iTunes devices, Android operating systems and Blackberry product, the Audi Roadside App is a free program designed to specifically aid owners of the premium vehicle. The mobile App is an expansion of a Roadside Assistance package already offered to Audi owners. Providing 24/7 coverage for Audi vehicles sold in the past four years throughout the United States, a driver stranded with Allstate Roadside Services. Tow, jumpstart, fuel delivery or many other services can be directed to Audi Roadside App equipped motorist with expedient care. The Audi Roadside App uses a smartphone’s GPS (Global Positioning...

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