Month: July 2010

Audi Confirms the RS5 is Coming to the States

Previously thought to only be released in Europe, Audi just confirmed that they will, in fact be bringing the RS5 supercoupe here Stateside. This also means they’ll definitely be downgrading the S5’s engine to a supercharged V6. That’s a shame. The upcoming 2012 RS5 features Audi’s fantastic 4.2-liter V8 engine producing a massive 450 hp – a big jump from the S5’s 354 hp – and it’s naturally aspirated. All that power, of course, will be put down to the road by all four wheels via Audi’s quattro AWD system. Pricing and details are yet to be...

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Audi Displays R8 e-tron at Silvretta Rally

Audi displays the e-tron concept car at the Silvretta Rally. Obviously there isn’t an electric R8 and won’t be, but Audi used the R8 as a platform for the powertrain, which is being developed and will be implemented into future cars. Check out the...

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