Month: March 2010

Audi Wins Multiple Design Awards from German Magazine

Readers of German magazine “Auto Zeitung” recently gave Audi a few design awards. First up, Audi was voted “Brand with the most beautiful cars,” beating out over 50 other carmakers. In addition, the R8 Spyder was awarded “most beautiful convertible,” also finishing third for “most beautiful car model,” while Audi got additional props for the A5 Sportback finishing right behind it in fourth. I don’t particularly agree with the R8 Spyder being very pretty, but you know those Germans… photo by Mert...

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Four Audi A1 Variants – A1 Cabriolet, Soft Top, S1, & RS1

Don’t expect to see these in your Audi showroom any time soon, but don’t be surprised if you do see one of these in the future. Theo Chin, auto artist extraordinaire, has created a few Audi A1 concept variants so we can get an idea of what might be coming our way within the next few years. First up are the two variations of an A1 convertible: Audi A1 Cabriolet Audi A1 Soft-Top Next up we have some high-performance versions of the A1: Audi S1 Audi RS1 Even though Audi specifically said they won’t be making the RS1, I do expect to see the S1 one of these days. And if that’s not enough for you, there will be plenty of aftermarket tuning companies to tickle your fancy. Courtesy of Theophilus...

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Audi A1 Competition Package – First Pics and Info

Audi just released images and information on the upcoming optional Competition Package for the newest car in the Audi lineup – the A1. Color scheme taken from the competition model Audi Quattro Sport S1 from the 1980’s, the A1 Competition Package features a white and orange theme along with some unmistakably racing-inspired trim. The A1 Competition kit doesn’t change the performance of the car in any way (but don’t racing stripes add 5 hp?) Other than the obvious exterior color changes, the kit adds a leather central tunnel painted special colors, a leather sports steering wheel, and a set of sport mats. The rear-view mirror is painted the colors of the famous model that Walter Rohrl drove at Pikes Peak almost 25 years ago. The car also receives a set of custom alloy wheels, which look quite nice, I must say. Check out more pictures at...

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Audi Planning a Hardcore Road-Going R8 GT3

Ever since Audi’s R8 GT3 won last year’s FIA European GT Championship, they’ve been inundated with orders for the race car. After making over two dozen of the cars last year, they have orders for another 30 on the way. And now they’re considering making a road-going version of the V10-powered race car and putting it into production to compete with the Porsche 911 GT3. Audi’s plan has always been to offer variations of the R8, just like the Lamborghini Gallardo (Superleggera, LP550-2 Balboni, etc,) and Porsche 911. Making an R8 GT3 fits right along with that plan, so I could definitely see plans for the car coming into the light in the near future. The technology used in the R8 GT3 would likely be more advanced, using carbon fiber for the spaceframe instead of aluminum, and possibly upgrading (or downgrading, depending on you view) to a dual-clutch gearbox. I doubt they would offer the V8-powered R8 in a racing version, but would likely focus on the R8 V10. source:...

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ENCO Exclusive’s Audi Q5

Behold the newest creation from the ENCO Exclusive factory – the ENCO Audi Q5. The German tuner has taken the compact SUV and applied a body kit to loosely simulate the Q5’s biggest brother – the Q7 V12 TDI, of which few of us could afford (somewhere along the lines of $135,000…right.) Specifically, ENCO added those big black air inlets in the front bumper along with the integrated LEDs, and a new hood with two chrome vents for a muscular and slightly “blingy” look. Along the sides, they’ve added mudguard and door extensions, and out back they’ve added a rear spoiler and new bumper with oval exhaust pipes integrated, just like the Q5 V12 TDI. Along with the new body, buyers get new 22-inch 7-spoke Enco wheels in any color. Inside, Enco will replace the trim with carbon fiber pieces. Pricing? The body kit will cost €4,165 Euros (about $5,700 USD,) which isn’t actually all that bad for this kit. Get the hood for an extra €1,785 Euros ($2,440.) If you want Enco to install and paint the kit, tack on another 2,678 Euros ($3,660.) A lowering kit runs €595, and the wheels…€4,641 ($6,345) and an extra €476 to paint them a different color. I’ll pass on the wheels, thanks. Want that carbon fiber interior? Expect it to run you €1,428, or around $1,952. Me…I think I’d take the...

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First 2011 Audi S8 Spy Shots

The folks at were lucky enough to get some shots of the upcoming Audi S8 during winter testing, which you can see in the pictures. The bodywork on the car you see here is that of a standard A8, which will obviously be modified for the S8 during production. We know it’s an S8, however, because of the bigger brakes and quad exhaust system you can see below. We don’t know much else about the S8 yet, although speculation says it will be receiving its power from a turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 instead of the V10 we originally expected. Regarding design: Audi’s design director Stefan Sielaff told Autocar at the A8’s launch last year that the S8 would “create a new design grammar which will also go onto the next S6, S7 and S1”. Sielaff also said there would be an increased use of both aluminium and carbon fibre in the cabins of future S models to make them more special than the standard cars. Expect to see full details on the S8 later this year for a launch in early 2011. No word yet on whether it’s coming to the States, but unfortunately it seems unlikely. Check out for more pictures and...

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Prior Design’s Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition

German tuners Prior Design just released their latest update to to the Audi R8. Applied to either the V8 or V10 version of the supercar, Prior Design’s version includes a new body kit including a front spoiler, brand new hood, body-color side blade, as well as a new front bumper, side skirts, and carbon fiber rear diffuser. In the interior, Prior gave the R8 a carbon fiber center console, control panel, and handbrake, along with contrasting red carbon fiber components in the engine bay. Prior also developed their own 20-inch wheels, which I must say look very good. Pricing is available upon request, meaning it’s very expensive. Check out more pictures...

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