Thursday 26th of November 2015

When Audi unveiled the e-tron electric supercar back in September, they said the car produces 3,319 lb-ft of torque, which is an incredibly massive amount. What Audi didn’t tell us is that this number was measured at the wheels instead of the engine, where all other car’s... Read more

ABT AS5 Sportback German tuner Abt Sportsline just got their hands on the A5 Sportback, before most of us can even see it. The Audi A5 Sportback is described “As comfortable as a limousine, elegant as a coupĂ© and almost as practical as an Avant.” After being given the... Read more

Audi A1 Wall Art Although we saw a few Audi A1 spy shots back in October, we haven’t heard much about the upcoming A1 subcompact since then. Audi just came out saying something along the lines of “we’re not telling you anything about the A1 yet.” How nice of... Read more

2010 Audi A7 Spied Today we find ourselves with a few more spy shots of the upcoming Audi A7, this time courtesy of Car Magazine. The heavily camo’d A7 test mule doesn’t give away anything more than we didn’t already know, but it’s good to see one on the streets. The... Read more

Although we haven’t covered anything from German design company Hofele yet, they make some pretty interesting kits for Audis. They aren’t really a tuning company since they only change design elements, but their kits are often worth taking a look. Unfortunately, they... Read more

We’ve seen the Audi e-tron electric supercar in red since the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Audi just repainted it orange and brought it to the 2009 LA Auto Show for North America. As you know, the e-tron sports four motors – one on each wheel – and creates only 313... Read more

2011 Audi A8 Audi just unveiled the next generation A8 luxury sedan. The A8 is Audi’s most luxurious and most expensive car (aside from the R8) and will serve as Audi’s flagship model poised to compete with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class. While it may not have the... Read more