Month: October 2009

Audi TT Forza Motorsport Edition

From the rumor mill comes a report that Audi will be creating a special edition TT called the Audi TT Forza Motorsport Edition based on the Forza video game series. We already knew Audi partnered with the Forza Motorsport team when the R8 V10 became the cover-car for the Forza 3 packaging, but it comes to no surprise that they’re taking it a bit further than that. While this is the first car ever (that I can remember) to be based on a video game, it’s exciting to see where things are heading. While there haven’t been any details released from Audi on this special edition, suggests it will come with an Xbox 360 console and copy of the game Forza Motorsport 3. See below for more...

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First Spy Shots of the Audi A1

We’ve been hearing about the compact Audi A1 for a while, and now we have our first official spy shots of the small hatchback. The A1 will be a likely competitor to the Mini Cooper, and as you can see from the photos taken outside of Audi headquarters in Munich, Germany, it will first be released as a three-door hatchback model with a five-door version to follow. The 2010 Audi A1 will be shown at next year’s Geneva Motor Show, and will be on sale later in the year. Expect a FWD layout initially, with a possible quattro system down the road. While there is no word on engine choices, we expect a wide range of gasoline and diesel choices in Europe, with only a few engine choices in the States if it makes its way over here. source:...

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Audi R4 – a Mini-R8 Electric Roadster

Audi’s e-Tron Electric Supercar Concept made a big splash at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and as a result, Audi has plans to move forward with their plans to build electric cars. The first car to be built is a sort of “mini-R8” roadster supercar to compete with the Tesla Roadster called the R4. The Audi R4 is expected to have a similar one-motor-per-wheel layout as the e-Tron Concept, and since it will be using the e-Tron’s powertrain, will likely produce the same 313 horsepower and incredible 3,319 lb-ft of torque, which will propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in around 4.8 seconds. The production R4 will likely be accompanied by gasoline-powered variants, most likely using the Audi TT-RS‘s 335 hp 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine. The Audi R4, based o nthe above renderings, is very sharp-looking, taking design cues from the e-Tron Concept but moving away from the R8 shape into a more production-likely body style. The jagged C-shaped LED headlights look especially menacing, and of course we see the signature Audi grille up front. The R4 roadster will probably sit on a modified version of Porsche’s next generation Boxster and Cayman platform, meaning the R4 will be smaller than the R8 supercar but larger than the Audi TT. Price is far from being announced, but consider the electric version of the R4 to compete with the...

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Audi e-tron Electric Supercar Will Make Production

The much-talked-about Audi e-tron electric supercar has officially moved from our “Concept Cars” section to our “Future Cars” section. Know what that means? Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen confirmed the car will make production, stating “I expect we will see running examples in the next 24 months,” meaning that’s about when we’ll start seeing spy shots of the car. The Audi e-tron boasts 313 horsepower and an incredible 3,319 lb-ft of torque, which can scoot the electric supercar from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds. Not an incredibly quick number for a supercar, but considering the instantaneous torque and individually-powered wheels, I’m betting it will handle like a go-kart on rails and carry some serious speed through corners. Acceleration-induced whiplash is likely. No word on price, of course, but expect it to be into the six-figure range when it hits the showrooms in late 2012 as a 2013 model...

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Lightweight Audi A5 Prototype Drops 242 lbs

Testing out their aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology used on the R8, TT, and A8, Audi applied the lightweight construction method to a prototype A5 coupe. The lightweight A5 is 242 pounds lighter than its steel-bodied brother, which gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 159-hp per ton, only 11 hp per ton shy of the more powerful 3.2-liter V6 A5. The normal A5 weighs in at 3130 lbs, while the lightweight version comes in at 2888 lbs, thanks to the use of the aluminum architecture and some carbon fiber parts Audi doesn’t plan to produce the A5 with this technology right away, but expect to see it in the next generation A5, as well as other Audi vehicles in the next few years. Audi also noted that they will need to implement lightweight design principles in their electric vehicles in the future, since electric drivetrains tend to be very...

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