Friday 27th of November 2015

Audi navigation system with traffic lane guidance Audi is updating their already good navigation system in the A3, TT, and R8. The new nav system plus MMI features a higher, 800x480px resolution displayed on a 6.5-inch screen for improved readability and graphics. Route calculation... Read more

Audi Clean Campaign in NYC Audi is running with a new promotional technique in which they use cleaning agents to “paint” the sidewalks in New York City. A great choice in location, considering the cleanliness of the city. The images created on the sidewalks depict how... Read more

Audi A5 Sportback Spy Shot Students at the University of San Diego happened across an unusual sighting a couple days ago. Apparently Audi was doing a photo shoot of the new A5 Sportback at the school, and these cell phone camera-equipped students snapped a few photos of the car almost... Read more

Can’t wait for the R8 5.2 V10? No problem, PES Tuning has your back. This tuning company has developed a supercharger system for the R8 4.2 to boost the power to an estimated 530 hp (110 over stock) and 415 ft/lbs torque (98 over stock.) While this may not exactly replace the... Read more

Sneak Peek at the Audi A5 Sportback Audi gave us some details on the newest addition to the A5 line – the A5 Sportback. The idea here is that the Sportback will be as “emotional and elegant as a coupe, as comfortable as a sedan, and as practical as an Avant.” It... Read more

AudiUSA Website Redesigned Audi just redesigned, which doesn’t look as flashy as before, but offers more functionality and an overall simpler and nicer design. They’ve integrated tons of high-def video and very detailed CG of each car. The website was designed... Read more

2011 Audi R8 Spyder V10 More spy shots have surfaced of the R8 Spyder, this time wielding the beastly 5.2-liter, 520 horsepower V10. The car was spotted circling the German Nurburgring test track, of course, and is expected to be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Weight savings... Read more

Audi Sport Team Joest Finishes Third at Le Mans Audi gets another podium finish this year at Le Mans, but this time it’s third place. Not bad, but I think they were expecting the R15 to do better than it did. Of course there are always growing pains with a brand new piece of... Read more

Audi RS6 wrapped around a tree Have you ever wondered if Audis are safe vehicles? Wonder no more – here is the proof you need. This driver, who’s nickname should now be “Lucky,” apparently lost control of his Audi RS6 and slid sideways into a tree at high speed.... Read more

Audi A3 1.6 TDI Audi is introducing two new engines to the A3 line-up in Europe, both focusing on a significant improvement in efficiency. The engines are the same size – 1.6-liters – and are both diesel-powered TDIs. The more powerful of the two engines, at 105 horsepower,... Read more