Wednesday 25th of November 2015

Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, Dindo Capello Audi has chosen the three driver teams that will race the 24 Hours of Le Mans this June. They will be driving the excellent and proven R15 TDI, which is just…great. The team driving car 1 will be Dindo Capello (Italy), Tom Kristensen... Read more

Audi Q5 custom concept Audi made their first appearance at the Wörthersee Tour in Austria this year, with quite a display. They showcased 20 cars total in their 3,000 sq ft stand, from the TT RS, to the R8 V10, and A1 Sportback Concept. The highlight of the Audi display however was... Read more on Amazon Kindle is now available on Amazon Kindle! If you have an Amazon Kindle, you know how great they can be to read books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and now is available. For only $0.99/month (14 day free trial,) you can get Audi Site... Read more

quattro with sport differential The nerds over at the Association of German Engineers just awarded Audi with the 2009 Mechatronic Innovation Award for their dynamic steering system. The system dynamically adjusts steering forces and steering ratio depending on how you’re driving.... Read more

Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 Audi’s recent advertisements have been successful at taking little stabs at competitor’s products. The latest commercial, which you can view below, is firing a direct shot at Ferrari. The video shows Audi’s new R8 V10 driving through the streets... Read more

Self-Driving Audi A8 If these spy shots from AutoExpress tell us anything, we might not be driving our own cars in the near future. The shot above clearly shows three different cameras – one in each foglight position and one mounted behind the rear-view mirror of an A8 test... Read more

2009 Audi A4 3.2 Yet more praise for the excellent redesigned 2009 A4. just reviewed the 3.2 quattro version, which looks like it may have been the exact same 2009 Audi A4 reviewed in March, much to the same praise. Just as everyone else in the automotive... Read more

Audi R8 V12 TDI Despite everyone lusting over the R8 V12 TDI Concept from last year, Audi has decided to halt plans on development, citing that “the market isn’t strong enough to make it realistic.” According to AutoExpress, the final blow was a lack of demand in the... Read more

PPI Razor GTR from Audi R8 PPI, another German Audi tuner, has taken some of their best parts developed for the Audi R8 and rolled it all into one. They call it the PPI RAZOR GTR, and it’s mean. The result of this is an R8 with 580hp, and about 443 ft-lbs of torque. Their main... Read more

Audi R8 Spider Convertible Insiders at Audi have confirmed production of the R8 Convertible, probably to be released in 2011. The R8 Cabriolet (hopefully called a Spyder instead,) will most likely forgo the retractable hardtop, and instead use a fabric roof. We assume this because... Read more