Thursday 26th of November 2015

  With only 6 days until Christmas, those struggling to find a gift to satisfy those with specialized German luxury tastes are engaged in a desperate search. For others, the after holiday shopping sends some searching for that one indulgence to ring in the new year.... Read more

Audi Truth in 24 iPhone App Audi just released their latest iPhone app based on the Truth in 24 movie, which is now available on iTunes for download. Truth in 24 is a racing game, pretty much just like all the other racing games available for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You tilt the... Read more

Audi Centennial Timepiece Audi just unveiled their Centennial Timepiece, which celebrates 100 years for the company. A very nice wristwatch, bearing the four rings logo on the face, was inspired by Auto Union racing cars. The watch – called the Tachoscope – combines a... Read more