Thursday 26th of November 2015

Once a chore for well-established automakers to incorporate electrified powerplants in a realistic production vehicle, the task has become much easier in recent model years as high volume and even premium car builders have embraced the technology. In reality, optimizing... Read more

  Preparing to show off the radical urban concept design at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi’s inventive look to a motoring future could be seen as a little too distant. For North American motorists in particular, the small, ultralight concept car would instantly... Read more

The kick-off to the world indoor auto show season, 2011 is the lucky biennial year where automotive enthusiasts get to relish in the spectacle of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Guaranteed already to be a showcase of new ideas in the ever-evolving auto industry, production and... Read more

Higher end automotive are always under the test of social ideals and economic factors. Emerging as a challenge for future auto industry is limiting environmental impact. The reality of incorporating for fuel-efficient products into future vehicle line-ups is causing all... Read more

Just a couple weeks shy of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Audi slips us a peek at the A3 Concept – a prototype for the upcoming successor to the current A3 hatch. The four-seater “notchback” sedan, as they call it, is powered by a turbocharged, five-cylinder engine... Read more

We’ve seen the Audi e-tron electric supercar in red since the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Audi just repainted it orange and brought it to the 2009 LA Auto Show for North America. As you know, the e-tron sports four motors – one on each wheel – and creates only 313... Read more

Exo-Audi Concept As a driving enthusiast, I love the driver-vehicle connection. To me, there is no better pleasure (ok, almost no better pleasure) than driving down a smooth, curvy road at 20 mph over the posted limit in a proper sports car. The feeling of being one with the car that... Read more

Audi Q5 custom concept Audi made their first appearance at the Wörthersee Tour in Austria this year, with quite a display. They showcased 20 cars total in their 3,000 sq ft stand, from the TT RS, to the R8 V10, and A1 Sportback Concept. The highlight of the Audi display however was... Read more

Audi R8 V12 TDI Despite everyone lusting over the R8 V12 TDI Concept from last year, Audi has decided to halt plans on development, citing that “the market isn’t strong enough to make it realistic.” According to AutoExpress, the final blow was a lack of demand in the... Read more

Audi A0 Mini-Car Concept Theophilus Chin is at it again, this time creating a mini-car Audi concept called the A0 (pronounced A-Oh, not A-Zero.) The A0 is based off of the 2007 Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept, and would compete with the likes of the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ. I,... Read more