Tuesday 1st of December 2015

Readers of German magazine “Auto Zeitung” recently gave Audi a few design awards. First up, Audi was voted “Brand with the most beautiful cars,” beating out over 50 other carmakers. In addition, the R8 Spyder was awarded “most beautiful convertible,” also... Read more

In this episode, MegaFactories goes inside Audi’s production plant to see how Audi builds the R8 supercar. Check out the video below: source: GermanCarForum  Read More →

Ever since Audi’s R8 GT3 won last year’s FIA European GT Championship, they’ve been inundated with orders for the race car. After making over two dozen of the cars last year, they have orders for another 30 on the way. And now they’re considering making a road-going... Read more

German tuners Prior Design just released their latest update to to the Audi R8. Applied to either the V8 or V10 version of the supercar, Prior Design’s version includes a new body kit including a front spoiler, brand new hood, body-color side blade, as well as a new front bumper,... Read more

Abt’s latest creation they’ll be displaying at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, which is their take on the Audi R8 Spyder. Abt squeezed 75 more horsepower out of the 5.2-liter V10 engine, bringing the power up to nearly 600 hp. The results: The Abt R8 Spyder will reach zero... Read more

Ever heard of the brand Hispano? Me neither, until now. Turns out they’re a luxury car maker whose made a crap-load of cars that we’ve never heard about. But based on what they’re creating now, I have a feeling the name will get more well known in the supercar community. Based... Read more

Heffner Performance has finally finished their R8 Twin-Turbo package, which manages a nice 536 HP at the rear wheels (check out the dyno sheet below.) This is while running on only 6 psi of boost. Heffner promises they are working on an R8 V10 version of the twin-turbo package as... Read more

German outfit Senner Tuning is at it again, this time releasing an upgrade package for the Audi R8. Based off of the R8 4.2, Senner calls this version the Super Sport. The first thing you notice about the Senner Tuning R8 Super Sport is the all-black finish with upgraded 20-inch... Read more

Last week, we covered one artist’s conception of the R8’s replacement, which he called the R10 Concept (seen above.) Today we heard news of rumors flying around about some of the R8 successor’s specs. According to the grapevine, the car code named R10 will sport... Read more

Are rich people suddenly getting stupider? First we have a Bugatti Veyron crash into a lake last week, and now this. Looks like a beautiful red Audi R8 got sandwiched in between two vehicles in Costa Mesa, CA. The two other vehicles were a Range Rover and a BMW 6-series, both of... Read more