At the risk of reinforcing old school stereotypes, when it comes to cars girls do tend to be a little more interested in colour, interior and accessories, than engine, emissions and handling – with that in mind here’s our specially designed Audi guide for girls, with information... Read more

Audi is working especially hard recently to bring electric power to their lineup. Initially, we thought the launch of the e-tron electric sports car was a one model deal, but it turns out Audi is calling “e-tron” their “brand name for electric mobility.” The... Read more

At the 2010 Detroit Auto Show earlier this week, Audi won two separate awards for two models on display. The Detroit showcar Audi e-tron was given the prestigious “Best in Show” award, which was described by Autoweek editor Wes Raynal as being “almost a unanimous... Read more

When Audi unveiled the e-tron electric supercar back in September, they said the car produces 3,319 lb-ft of torque, which is an incredibly massive amount. What Audi didn’t tell us is that this number was measured at the wheels instead of the engine, where all other car’s... Read more

We’ve seen the Audi e-tron electric supercar in red since the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Audi just repainted it orange and brought it to the 2009 LA Auto Show for North America. As you know, the e-tron sports four motors – one on each wheel – and creates only 313... Read more

Audi R4 Electric Roadster Audi’s e-Tron Electric Supercar Concept made a big splash at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and as a result, Audi has plans to move forward with their plans to build electric cars. The first car to be built is a sort of “mini-R8″... Read more

Audi e-tron Electric Supercar The much-talked-about Audi e-tron electric supercar has officially moved from our “Concept Cars” section to our “Future Cars” section. Know what that means? Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen confirmed the car will make... Read more

Audi is delving further into marketing through video games. Later this year, Playstation 3 owners will be able to virtually test drive the new Audi e-tron electric supercar concept through what they’re calling Audi Space in Playstation Home. All Playstation Home users will... Read more

Audi e-tron Electric Concept We’ve been publishing any information we got about the new electric Audi e-Tron Concept supercar, and today Audi officially unveiled the car, along with plenty of details. It is, as you can see, based off of the R8, but underneath the body is its... Read more

Audi e-Tron Concept Over the past couple weeks, Audi has been teasing us with viral videos and a website with the theme Electricity Untamed, hinting at a high performance electric car to be debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show. We don’t have many (any, really) details about the... Read more