Thursday 26th of November 2015

Chromed Audi R8 – Who Would Do Such a Thing?


Chrome Audi R8

Chrome Audi R8

This is the type of thing that just makes me cringe when I see it. Someone apparently felt the need to add some bling to their Audi R8 by making it a completely chrome finish. At least they had the subtlety to black-out the sideblade and otherwise chrome emblems. You know, they didn’t want to be that flashy.

When all of you neighbors have R8s too, you have to stand out somehow, I suppose. Too bad it came to this. I pray that I never see the day where I crave that much attention.





10 Responses to “Chromed Audi R8 – Who Would Do Such a Thing?”
  1. Tony says:

    Clearly you’re not familiar with the Avus Quattro concept from the early 90s

    • Chris says:

      Interesting. Doesn’t look quite as god-awful as the chromed R8 though. At least it was designed with that finish in mind.

      • Tony says:

        Yeah, not saying it’s at all my taste either, but the R8 was clearly influenced by the Avus and other Audi concepts, so (maybe) this owner was trying to pay tribute.

  2. Ramon says:

    I believe it’s not really chrome finish… I saw an S8 in Saudi Arabia (a pic, I wasn’t actually there) and it was the same finish as this R8. Audi cars have aluminum bodies, all you have to do apparently is scrap away the paint and polish the bare metal. I do however agree entirely with your comments about wanting to draw attention… Will twit this page!

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks Ramon. Yeah, I guess it could just be polished aluminum, I’ve seen it before. That must be a pain in the ass to keep looking nice!

  4. I am going to call this car BS and assume its that god awful car wrap shit we have been seeing more and more of. I highly doubt this is polished aluminum body or chrome. Great find Chris!

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t know man, those folks in the middle east come up with some crazy stuff! You might be right though.

  6. Lento Violento Man says:

    I saw on the other day in the Manchester aria, i thought it was pretty awesome, made me get out the video camera and get a drive by vid,

  7. hozi says:

    i think it would’ve been more bad ass if he painted the body metallic black and chromed the side blades. would’ve been beautiful

  8. Paul Anderson says:

    A couple of weeks ago I saw an R8 that was valet parked at a restaurant in Frisco, Tx (north suburb of Dallas), that was in the bright red chrome finish, similar to the one that has been oft posted from Dubai. I will say, that in person, standing right next to it, it actually looked pretty sick in a good way. Not sure I would want it in that finish, but it definitely was drawing a crowd. ‘Course it was flanked by a Ferrari 458 and Lambo Gallardo, so hard to tell which car everyone was looking at!!!

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