Audi Might be Developing a Self-Driving Car


self drive audi Audi Might be Developing a Self Driving Car

Self-Driving Audi A8

If these spy shots from AutoExpress tell us anything, we might not be driving our own cars in the near future. The shot above clearly shows three different cameras – one in each foglight position and one mounted behind the rear-view mirror of an A8 test car. The cameras will scan in front of the car, detecting obstructions, helping avoid a collision, or possibly driving the car around turns for us so we can take a nap.

Not exactly a new thought or technology, but they’re serious enough about it to do real-world testing, which means that we might see this in our cars within the next few years. Honda has already implemented a similar technology – a safety feature that helps to keep you in your lane – and Infiniti has Lane Departure Assistance, which tugs you in the right direction if you drift out of your lane.

self drive audi2 Audi Might be Developing a Self Driving Car

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