Audi Chooses Production Site for Upcoming Q3 SUV


audi cross coupe quattro Audi Chooses Production Site for Upcoming Q3 SUV

Audi Cross Coupé quattro

Audi just chose a production site for the upcoming Q3 crossover – the SEAT facility in Martorell, Spain. Manufacturing should being in 2011 with a production capability of 80,000 units/year. Audi threw around €300 million into this, and chose the site after careful consideration of other facilities internationally.

The Q3 will be a small SUV, coming in just below the Q5. They’re calling it “coupe-like,” with 5 doors and other characteristics similar to an SUV, but with a “supremely sporty driving experience.” One has to wonder with SUVs getting smaller and smaller, at what point are we going to reach the size where calling it an SUV and not a wagon (or “Avant,”) is inaccurate?

Market launch of the Q3 is set for 2011.


One Response to “Audi Chooses Production Site for Upcoming Q3 SUV”
  1. Chris says:

    One thing that I forgot to mention in the article is that it will not be called the “Q3″ at launch, due to a lawsuit between Audi and Infiniti.

    The case was settled between the two companies after the Q5 launch, and part of the terms were that Audi will only use the “Q” name with the Q7 and Q5 SUVs. This is due to Infiniti having already used the Q name with their large SUV line.

    Who knew that you could trademark a letter?