Wednesday 25th of November 2015

ENCO Exclusive’s Audi Q5


ENCO Audi Q5

Behold the newest creation from the ENCO Exclusive factory – the ENCO Audi Q5. The German tuner has taken the compact SUV and applied a body kit to loosely simulate the Q5’s biggest brother – the Q7 V12 TDI, of which few of us could afford (somewhere along the lines of $135,000…right.)

Specifically, ENCO added those big black air inlets in the front bumper along with the integrated LEDs, and a new hood with two chrome vents for a muscular and slightly “blingy” look. Along the sides, they’ve added mudguard and door extensions, and out back they’ve added a rear spoiler and new bumper with oval exhaust pipes integrated, just like the Q5 V12 TDI.

Along with the new body, buyers get new 22-inch 7-spoke Enco wheels in any color. Inside, Enco will replace the trim with carbon fiber pieces.

Pricing? The body kit will cost €4,165 Euros (about $5,700 USD,) which isn’t actually all that bad for this kit. Get the hood for an extra €1,785 Euros ($2,440.) If you want Enco to install and paint the kit, tack on another 2,678 Euros ($3,660.) A lowering kit runs €595, and the wheels…€4,641 ($6,345) and an extra €476 to paint them a different color. I’ll pass on the wheels, thanks. Want that carbon fiber interior? Expect it to run you €1,428, or around $1,952. Me…I think I’d take the body kit (maybe the carbon fiber interior) and call it quits. Check out more pictures of the kit below:


4 Responses to “ENCO Exclusive’s Audi Q5”
  1. Frank says:

    Who sells this body kit?

  2. Sean says:

    Can the car have the S-Line Pkg? I know other kits like Caractere and ABT you can’t have the S-Line pkg in order to do the rear spoiler/skirt.

    • Sean says:

      And if the car does have the S-Line pkg and the rear spoiler doesn’t fit, can the fender and door attachments still work? (Thinking of the rear where the spoiler would tie in with the attachments)?

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