Wednesday 25th of November 2015

Do People Want to Kill You? Buy This $80 Million Audi


Audi A8 Security

The Audi A8 “Security” shown here features a full-cage outer-body armor certified by the German Federal Police, run-flat tires, gas tank and battery armoring, double-mirror interior, emergency door, power-adjustable leather seats, refrigerator, retractable rear-seat tables, heated wind screen, multi-zone climate controls, and other comfort features as standard. If you need all that protection in a car, perhaps you should rethink your profession, even if you can afford the $80 million price tag.

Despite that exorbitant price, however, Audi brand and sales manager at Issa Transport Group (ITG) Deborah Stewart says that “Given its features, the A8 Security is reasonably priced.” Hardly. ITG is the Kingston representative for Audi, and has the Audi A8 Security available via special order for $80 million.

If you aren’t a well-hated Sultan and the $80 mill is a bit out of your price range, also consider the following ridiculously priced armored cars:

* The Mercedes Benz S500 – $24 million

* BMW 761i and Audi Q7 4.2 V8 SUV – $23 million

* BMW M3 – $16 million

* Land Rover HSE V8 – $15-$17 million

* Audi A8 sedan Q7 – $14 million.

* Cadillac Escalade – $14 million

* Hummer H2 – $14 million

* Audi Q7 3.0 V6 – $11 million

* Range Rover Sport V6 – $9-$11 million

* Chevy Tahoe (Hybrid) – $5.7 million

* Chevy Avalanche – $4.4 million


30 Responses to “Do People Want to Kill You? Buy This $80 Million Audi”
  1. edbull38 says:

    any one who would ask let alone pay $80 million for and automobile is stupid and has nothing better to do and you wonder why the auto companies are in trouble .But then again all you have to sell is one . For that price the car better have starship capabilities and travel at warp speeds ,never need gas or washing . Whew the nerve of some people never ceases to amaze me

    • Buddy says:

      Asking $80M for a car doesn’t necessarily require the maker/owner to be stupid. I doubt that Audi would have created this monstrosity without doing a bit of market research. What I question is your grammar and syntax, Ed:
      *AN automobile
      *(space after comma)
      *(comma after “Whew”)

      I find it interesting that people would post public responses about the stupidity of very successful companies while lacking a very basic grasp of spelling and sentence structure. But relax, Ed! It isn’t your fault! I blame our educational system. Did you grow up in Sussex?

      • Stetson says:

        Buddy, you are a super deluxe douche bag. Fuck you.

        • alec says:

          LOL!!! i agree with Stetson buddy you are a douche bag this is my first post ever and i cannot believe the ignorance of some people like buddy. I mean seriously does it really make you feel better about yourself after you correct a couple of typing errors on someone’s post like this is a published journal, you are on THE INTERNET.

          • Aaron says:

            Nerve? isnt it up to a consumer to make that decision with the money they earned. Or even the company to spend their money in a manner they see fit to be profitable
            Now the car company has nerve building cars like this if its not profitabley when taking bailouts and our tax money.
            In general a little more tactful on telling people that you dont agree may help in reactions.
            But if you can make money on an 80 million dollar toilet seat. isnt it a smart business deal???

      • bill gates says:

        buddy, what would be the proper grammer to call you a top notch douche bag? You must dirve a miata and wear speedos!

      • edbull38 says:

        Buddy For $80 million if your hated that bad buy an Mi Abrams tank and let them know you don’t take shit from anyone for $2 million and pocket $78 million saveings

  2. edbull38 says:

    What the hell could be worth $80 million and fit in such a small space .

  3. brady caillster says:

    wtf? who in the hell needs a armored audi? let alone a $80 million dollar audi? when all is said and done its still a f@#$ing audi

  4. AEdwards says:

    If anyone is interested I have the indestructable toy replica for 20 bucks, lol!

  5. AEdwards says:

    If you act now I will have it delivered by the Transporter guy!

  6. rik says:

    OK, let’s consider that for that much money, security is of utmost importance. CLEARLY, they’re not going to tell us everything about the car…that would negate the point. Let’s just say that there must be some truly amazing techno-wizardry behind this beast! You can count on satellite positioning. Probably more computer power than the NASA space shuttle. At least as much locomotive power as a Formula 1 racer.

    Indeed, this vehicle is far more than fancy leather and refrigerators. This is the apotheosis of automotive security.

    And, what price is too great to pay for peace of mind?

  7. mike says:

    Am I the only one who realizes that this is NOT the price in US dollars?? The most expensive vintage automobiles are in the US $5 million to $10 million range. The most expensive new cars are in the US $1 million to US $3 million range (eg, Buggati Veyron, Aston Martin 177).

    A little research reveals these are Jamacian dollars, which converts to about $900,000 U.S. Who are you people that think a car could cost 100 times that? Use a little common sense.

  8. Rich says:

    Yeah, thats nice….all that weight is going to make that car run hot. I hope they armored plated the radiator otherwise that Audi isn’t going very far. BTW, aren’t armor piercing rounds relatively common?

  9. Mike says:

    Please dont be envious that is why the world is suffering right now!!! The people that have this kind of money is not people like me or you wasting there time typing in comments and complaining about what people buy. Mateo 6 28,34

  10. Just A Thought says:

    Anyone that could afford to buy this would probably be someone you want to kill anyway. So, they seel a few and then they sell thelist to the military. Contact made!

  11. bduds45 says:

    Anyone that reads this article and does NOT realize this is NOT AMERICAN $$$ is an idiot. NO CAR costs $80 million or even $10 million no matter how much armor and “special features” are on it. You can get a fully armored, tricked out vehicle for just over $1 million. Even the American Presidents armored vehicles don’t cost over $2 million a piece and those are about at safe as you can get.

    • edbull38 says:

      Don’t tell that to NASA They have two remote control toy Rv web cams on mars that cost $400 mill apiece .

  12. Jenny says:

    I feel it is a sad world when people spend more money on luxuries than on saving human life.

    The world is suffering in one of the worst global economic downfalls since the Great Depression of the USA. Surely, only those without a conscious and filled with greed would waste their financial resources on material possessions during such a time.

    The sad part is that they cannot take it with them when they die. Rich or poor, we are still humans.

  13. stormrider2 says:


    For 80M, I think that the educated potential buyer would rather travel in a private Jet for only about 12M. Better yet, use the 68M of cash that’s left and hire yourself a whole country of goons to be your body guard!

    $80M for an Audi – YOU’RE NUTS!!! In 5 years, it will be in a junk yard like the rest of the cars.

  14. Jerry says:

    I don’t think the monstrous Cadillac built for Bubba Clinton cost $80 million. Now there was a guy needing to be protected. Our Usurper in Chief now is riding in it. I heard it may be getting some spinner wheels and wide white walls but still, it won’t take it to $80 mil!

  15. Jerry says:

    By the way Buddy…you truly are a first class fucking douche bag.

  16. Jack T. says:

    Fuck you buddy! If I see you around I´ll beat your fucking douch bag ass!

    • Bud E Isright says:

      I agree with Buddy and he seems hilarious. I would be willing to bet Jack T and ebul are both flipping burgers at the local Golden Arches. With their incessant spelling mistakes, neither of you could make it in the real world where a command of the English language is essential. Jack, on the other hand, seems to have anger management issues as well and likely is a juvenile who could not fight his way out of a paper bag. Look at the positive side of life Jack. I am sure you and your friends/family would benefit from it. Not sure you would want to deliver pizzas in an Audi, Jack. Even if you could afford the entry level model.

  17. Everett D Ewing says:

    I’m so sick of filthy rich people———>I can’t even find a freaking job!!!!!

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